Detoxin momma:things are changing for me. - Part 59

By detoxin momma · Jan 1, 2015 · ·
  1. I haven't been on here lately due to the kids being home on Christmas break.has switched my routine up quite a bit.
    instead of getting up and having them on the school bus by 6:45 ive been staying in bed til they get up.
    or the couch!!

    sleeping hasn't came easy lately.i fall asleep by 9pm most nights just fine because im exhausted.but im up pacing the house all night long.sleeping on the couch a few hours,or trying to.
    then getting back in bed and staying there til I hear my kids.

    its really hard on the body to.its not a mental thing keeping me awake,its body aches and pains.
    so that means I haven't felt like myself at all.
    haven't even touched my computer lately.emails are out of control even.

    the kids stayed at an aunts yesterday,so my goal is to get caught up on this.

    I had a checkup on to 2 week appointments now.even my doctor recognized that I feel like shit just by my face and how slow im talking.

    so he put me on ambien.something I have no experience not impressed at all so far.last night was only my second night.
    its not doing what I'd hoped for at all.
    I still wake up every 2 hours.still go pee all night long.
    it makes me feel drunk to be honest.

    but,i didn't go to the couch or pace the house the last 2 nights,so it must be doing not gonna make a habit of it though.i hate any kind of downer.
    but I need some rest so im giving the damn drug a chance.

    im 35 weeks Saturday.i'll be 37 weeks at my next doctor said I could be induced then if I like.
    so that means I could have this baby in 2 weeks.
    all the bitchin ive done,now that that option is present,im not ready.go figure.

    im just so scared of having another c afraid if im induced that my body wont progress naturally and i'll wind up being operated on.
    theres so many reasons I don't want to go that route.mostly because of the recovery.

    I have too much to do to be healing from surgery.i want things back to normal asap.not in a month or so.
    plus,i really don't want the drugs i'll have to take if I get cut back open.may sound petty but its not to me.been there done that.

    with my first c section I was so doped up on pain meds they gave me terrible talking pulling my own teeth and hair out realistic I'd have to look in the mirror in a panicked state of mind.thinking theres no way that was a dream.not fun.

    this isn't going to be like my first matter what kind of night I have with baby I will still have to get up to start my other 2 on the right path for the day.

    I try really hard to start them off on a positive note each day.
    hugs and kisses,telling them I love them and I hope they have a great day.
    every single day I do matter how tired or bitter I feel.and I don't want anything to interfere with that routine.

    my kids have been my main concern since the day I found out I was pregnant again.i feel like they still need me very much afraid im going to be stretched to thin.and if I thought they felt pushed aside or not as important it would break my heart.
    I don't want to take any thing from them.even my time and compassion.

    im sure ive said this before.but this is what weighs mostly on kids.

    anyways.happy new year to everyone.2014 was a very eventful hoping this year will be much more chill.

    first I had to put my 14 year old cat was dreadful,but it didn't completely break me because he was so old and had a good long life.i miss him,but we cant live forever.

    then my 5 year old pit got killed by a car.that broke my was so sudden and expected,and he pretty much got robbed.

    but,he had chronic ear infections that he had to be medicated daily for.once in a while he'd get a hematomin(spelling?) on his ear flap from kicking it and I'd have to take him in to have it drained.

    he also had something called 'entropion' on both eyes.that meant his under eyelids turned in causing the hairs to rub on his he was always squinting.
    it was a very very expensive surgery we couldn't have done,so he eventually would of went blind.
    plus,he was so big and clumsy I cant imagine how he would of been around a baby.
    everything happens for a reason.

    then I found 2 kittens,and lost one recently on the damned road,again.

    then my female pit damn near got killed by another dog in her own yard.she is doing much better.shes even started to run alongside the kids outside again.she just kinda hobbles one leg.but shes doing good.

    ive mentioned my friend with the suffering dog.hes a 7 year old male all started when she took him in for a terrible looking rough patch on his paw,which she was told was they removed it.
    then he started with the bad back.was told his xrays looked like he had been shot with a buckshot.but no wounds on the outside,so that wasn't possible.he started being treated for slipped vertebrae and getting loads of medication.only to keep getting worse.
    on his last chiropractor visit he wound up losing all control of his rear end.very sad to see.

    on Monday he laid down and never woke up.his cancer had spread to his spine was the final friend is broken hearted,and all I can tell her is,atleast he has no more pain.
    but man my heart goes out to her.she put a small fortune into that dog recently,at Christmas time no less!
    watching what they've been going threw has made me reluctant to take my Nina into a vet to.i keep telling myself,she'll heal in time,and I cant afford to have all these treatments if its not gonna help anyway.dogs are miraculous animals,and Ive felt she just needs time.time heals all wounds ya know.
    and so far ive not regretted that decision.thankfully.

    its actually when I stopped giving her pain meds she started getting better.shes a smart SOB.once she realized I was slipping her drugs she just decided she wouldn't eat then.and I wasn't ok with that.

    and we lost my brother in law.still expect the phone to ring each night and hear his drunken voice telling my husband"come down.i wanna get blunted my brother" lol...that's what they always said to each other.its a line from some old school rap song.

    but there were also positives in 2014.

    my husband is only a week away from being a year sober from alcohol.thats a major thing to be proud of.
    and he had some dental work done that gave him a perfect talking perfect.he could be a fricken GQ model now,lol.
    hes had a chipped front tooth since he was in grade school,always hated to smile.but boy you should see him now.
    he deserves it.deserves to smile and not feel insecure.

    he also got HVAC certified.hes been in the heating and cooling business for awhile now.but he had never taken the test to get this was a huge accomplishment to.

    and of course,we made another life.the first where my husband wont be passing out drunk each night.
    as much as ive worried and complained,it really is a beautiful thing.

    so,you gotta take the bad with the good.can't have one without the other.

    im starting to swell ankles are getting pretty fat.i can't fit my favorite shoes.i cant wear my wedding rings.ive gained 42 pounds.much better than my first 2,and the only difference I can see that's caused this is water.i drink a lot of water now.

    the other day my son was laying against me and my boobs started leaking!he actually blushed,it was adorable.

    my daughter has started showing signs of concern to.she wont let me carry groceries or laundry.even puts dishes away.tells me,'i got it mom,go sit down'...gotta love it.hope it sticks.

    ive said all along im not gonna make it til February 7th because ive felt like this baby is so strong and active that once shes big enough shes gonna bust right threw.
    but everyone including my doctor says its just that this is my 3rd child,and im older that I feel that way.
    but if I make it to February i'll be shocked.

    I told my doctor the other day when he was talking induction that I didn't want to go that route.and he said I may feel differently in another 2 weeks.he may be right,time will tell.

    I want to last atleast threw January though,for the babys sake.the bigger the better right.ive been miserable this long whats another month.

    also,im not even gonna front and pretend to make some new years resolution that I wont my resolution is just to continue to be a good mom.and make sure that each family member feels loved and important at the end of each day.four legged included.
    what else really matters ya know...

    Happy new year everyone....


  1. Beenthere2Hippie
    Hi Sweetie Pie--and Happy 2015 (I know it'll be week before I get that through my head)!

    So you've made it to January and are still hanging in strong. I'm so proud of you for showing the strength you have shown throughout this past year, and for all the hard work you've put into sticking to the necessary resolves in your lifestyle during this pregnancy (cutting the tramadol way back). I fully understand that you're super uncomfortable, but I believe that next few weeks of your life will fly by very quickly--followed immediately by the your daughter's birth and the pleasant chaos that caring for the baby and all the work that comes with her involves. You're going to be a busy lady for sure.

    My New Year was spent watching Dick Clark's rockin' new year's eve with my husband, enjoying the homemade split pea and ham soup I made earlier in the day (saved the ham bone from Xmas dinner. the soup was YUM!) and smoking Florida homegrown. After dinner I made some appetizers to pick at till the 2015 ball dropped. Both Joe and the cat loved the appetizers, and I loved the peace that not having to get up and down off the couch all night--serving people--involves.

    Wish I could have gone home to see my kids and grandkids, but family bickering--and the price of a plane ticket and travel monies--makes that impossible. You know what I mean. I miss all them, but that emotion doesn't seem to go both ways. Oh, well. When children grow and have their own kids they often find fault with the parents that raised them. Why should mine be any different, right?

    So glad you're going to be around DF a bit more in the coming few weeks. I look forward to precariously being part of your family from a distance, and to experiencing the miracle of your little girl's being brought into the world.

    Happy 2015, Momma. Sounds like you're doing great, and that your losses and gains in this past year have not broken you, but instead made you, your husband and kids even stronger.

    Hugs & Love-

  2. lostlygirl
    Hi Momma,

    Sorry I haven't been around as much. My kids have been around for the Chrissie break, and as you know that makes life kinda hectic! All 6 of my kids were born at or before 37 weeks and they did fine (how did auto correct manage to change 'fine' to 'dinner'??!) My first was induced because my water broke but I was not in labor. That was an awful experience because the contractions started strong and hard. If you decide on induction insist on the epidural first. With six kids I've had the opportunity to try every method out there, from completely natural, induced, and c-section. My last decided to turn upside down the DAY before she was born, little stinker!

    The easiest on for me was my third. I was dehydrated and they decided it was best to induce her. Having gone through that with my first I wisely insisted on the epidural before they started. That was a great decision and 8 hours later she was born. I think my ex watched a game of footy, or maybe it was basket ball? She was born in the 6th, so right about the same time as your little one is due.

    My second was huge and they had to pull him out by his head/shoulders. They thought they had broken or dislocated his arm as they are not meant to pull babies out. He was (is) a tough little thing, and was ok. He was born on his sisters birthday. An interesting story. I had heard you could induce labor by squeezing the nipple (TMI?). Anyway, I tried it and bloody hell, it put me into hard labor. He was born 4 hours later, lol! Let me tell you, it works! Interestingly enough it doesn't work if the baby isn't ready to be born. Isn't mother nature amazing?

    My 4th decided to be born DURING the epidural, lol! I mean, right in the middle. The anesthesiologist had the needle IN my back when I said I needed to push. They ignored me (funny how they do that) so I said it again but louder. Their response? You can't be needing to push because you are only at a 4!! I said again, I need to push, so the nurse said 'we better check her', the anesthesiologist was so pissed and pulled the needle out. I rolled over, pushed, and the baby landed on the bed. No one caught him!! The nurse pressed a button and the whole room was full of people. They had nothing ready for him, no bed or blankets. It was pretty entertaining! :)

    My scariest one was my 5th. I had started to bleed about 5 and a half weeks before he was born. He came early, at 5 weeks. When he was born he went into distress, was completely blue and not crying. They took him immediately out of the room and my ex went with him. Nobody updated me on how he was for about 2 hours, and was one of the worst experiences ever.

    Anyway, I have probably bored you with my stories! When I was expecting I was very interested in other peoples stories. Having a baby is life changing, and how they are born is the very being of their life's journey.

    I am glad you are beating the end. I remember how horribly uncomfortable and slow time is in that last month. Minutes to by like hours. I swear there is some kind of warped time continuum that happens in that last month.

    Be careful with the Ambiem. I did wierd stuff when I was on it that I had no memory of. One night, in the middle of the night mind you, I somehow thought it was a good idea to cook soup in a glass bowl on the stove. Yeah... It wasn't. I haven't taken it since. JD had a patient who drove whilst sleeping and woke up in another state!! It can totally mess with your head in weird ways.

    Anyway, I was just going to say hi, but managed to write you a novel instead!! Hang in there, and stay well. Keep us updated.

    Lots of love, and I have a feeling 2015 it's going to be the BEST year yet!!!

    Hahaha, auto correct made a mess of this post, I am fixing it now!! Hahaha!! It makes NO sense, lol!
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