Detoxin momma:things are changing for me. - Part 60

By detoxin momma · Jan 3, 2015 · ·
  1. no worries on sharing the delivery stories.anything to distract my mind from how 'different'my situation is right now is helpful.
    I know im not experiencing anything different than other women just feels that way when your in the middle of it.

    hippy lady,i have no doubt your children wish they were with you for the holidays to.
    my husband and I were just talking about how we take things for granted,like our parents,when we still have them.
    then one day their gone and we get plagued with guilt of why didn't I try harder.why didn't I visit more.why why why....that's life.thats human nature I suppose.we don't know what we got til its gone.that is oh so true.funny how that works.

    lostlygirl,6 kids,dammnnnn.i bet you have experienced it all.
    its funny you mention cooking on ambien.its one of the warning signs to look out for on the guide it comes with.along with talking on phone,driving,even having sex.and not remembering any of it!!

    the first night I took it I had only been asleep lil over an hour,and I woke up gasping saying,"oh my god!its 10 oclock!oh shit!"

    it was 10 pm and I thought it was 10 am and I had overslept going to babysit for my stepsister!
    boy wouldn't that be nice,to get that many consecutive hours of sleep.
    but no,it was only like an hour lol...that's the strangest thing ive done.

    I skipped one night,ive taken it 3 nights.and that was enough for done with it.last night it made me vomit!
    the guide says it can cause a"drugged feeling"....that's an under makes me feel shit faced drunk.
    double vision,even makes my body sway around and talk all crazy like.

    so I got online and looked up dosing for ambien this prescribed 10 mgs.
    what I read says a woman should take 5mgs and a man 10 mgs!
    what the hell did he give me such a strong dose for!
    that's why I was so messed up and vomited last night.

    so,IF I do take it again i'll be breaking one in half.
    should've done that anyway.any pill I've ever taken I break in half.even tiny tramadols lol...

    but yeah,i don't know about ready at home and everything.but I do believe it will complicate delivery.

    plus,petty as it sounds,ive always felt sorry for the kids with birthdays so close to Christmas.they seem to get gipped ya know.

    plus,i delve into astrology a bit,and I'd like to let things go as mother nature plans,not as we plan.know what I mean.

    at the end of the day it shouldn't be my choice.things will go as they go.
    ive felt all along this doctor wants to dictate the way everything happens,for his own sure it'd be a lot easier and convenient for him to have my childs delivery all planned out.all done and home to his family by dinner.

    I don't think so,lol....she'll come when she comes.if that means he has to come to the hospital at 4 am on a sunday than so be it.thats why he makes the big bucks,right...


  1. Jungledog

    I have been following your thread for awhile. You have had quite the journey!

    I prescribed ambien to a patient once and well, here is the story. He took a dose and went to bed. A hour later he got up. His wife assumed he was going to the bathroom and she rolled over and went back to sleep. The next morning the phone rang and her husband was calling. He was frantic! He was literally in another state!!! He got in his car and drove all night. He woke up in his pajamas, in another state, with no ID, no money, no wallet, and an empty gas tank. He remembered NOTHING!!!

    I no longer prescribe the drug. Make sure your family watches you carefully on that stuff. Love to you.
  2. Beenthere2Hippie
    Oh, Momma. I LOVE your new signature! It's perfect.

    I did want to ask (hope it's not still as sore a subject), how is your mom doing? Is she out of the hospital and did she go to your sister's? I also hear that there was another mess in Ferguson, with the police spokesmen getting fired for calling the Michael Brown memorial a pile of junk (I have to say it does look a bit like a pile of junk, lol - ). Maybe if they tidied it up a bit...just saying.

    Hope you're far enough out of the Ferguson area not to be effected by all of this political hub-bub and fallout.

  3. Mr Bumble
    Hey Detoxinmomma, only just started reading your thread, sorry not to have dropped in before. Sounds like you've got your head screwed on straight to me, not saying you haven't got your issues, it's just the American way of prescribing for mental health shocks me. The drugs you guys get handed after one stop at the shrinks is nuts.
    To get a bi-polar diagnosis here you'd have to be showing extremes of high and low, like lows of not being able to even get yourself dressed to highs of going out and borrowing money to buy crazy gifts for people you hardly know.
    As to the OCD my ex has this big time, however it's been kept in check really well with only prozac.
    Any benzo's and sleepers like ambian can cause major addicition problems, but from what I've read of your thread you seem to approaching these with caution, sorry if i've skipped over to much and got the wrong end of the stick but to me looks like your coping well.
    As to your fella being a catholic, well he don't have to believe in birth control but that doesn't mean you don't have to. Plenty of options from depot injections or implants of birth control meds to coils and diaphragms.
    I probably haven't read enough of your thread to comment any further but I'll leave it at this, you know whats best for you and your kids, I think mum always does. The DF massive is always here for those times when you don't
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