Detoxin momma:things are changing for me. - Part 65

By detoxin momma · Jan 21, 2015 ·
  1. so i haven't changed an inch since last week,literally.still at just 1 cm.

    im at the point where I don't even recognize myself anymore.ive gained 50 pounds.i can see it even in my face.
    ive decided once baby comes im in desperate need of a makeover.

    about half way threw this pregnancy I changed my hair,went with the ombre look.dark on top blonde on bottom.i like it but its not me.and it kept me from having to worry about root touch ups.
    and its damn near touching my ass,prenatal vitamins ya know.

    im ready to go back much blonder and much shorter.

    my doctor atleast is sympathetic to how uncomfortable I am.its very obvious just from my appearance I haven't slept much at all.
    im getting very sick of that.literally to I think.i don't feel like myself at getting so frustrated with every little thing,i just want to get this over starting to feel like this is all a bad dream and im never gonna have this baby.
    im being tortured daily it seems.

    so,my doctor asked me if there was anything he could do to help.hes asked that for about a month now,and ive just said no.

    but yesterday I said yes,i need something for pain,i cant take how I feel anymore.

    he says "ok,but no narcotics."

    "I don't care what it is",i said.

    "ever tried tramadol"he asked".i can give you that and a muscle relaxer"

    I instantly got a lump in my way I was gonna tell him,yeah,i was hooked on that for 4 years.

    but I said "yes,i used to take that"and left it at that.

    so I left with a prescription for tramadol and flexeril.

    I actually got excited!i felt like if I had some tramadol then I wouldn't even mind going on in this condition for the next 2 weeks.

    but I should of known better,to good to be true.

    once I go to pick up my meds they only give me the flexeril,and an explanation that my doctor has to call my insurance and explain why I need it.and that they've already called him and waiting to hear back.

    I heard them telling another guy the exact same thing,so I know it wasn't just me atleast.

    boy I would've loved to get up and take a tramadol.i would probably be in the kitchen doing dishes already,lol.
    but no,still hurtin like I got hit by a train.dreading doing any kind of house work.grrrr.

    but I did take the flexeril as soon as I got it.i had to.i got a terrible long lasting charley horse in my neck just brushing my hair still hurts.

    that stuff made me a zombie though.definatly not a day time thing to take.before bed for sure.and it did help.i didn't get up near as much overnight,and I didn't feel like I was laying on a concrete floor either.thats how the bed feels here lately.
    so i'll stick with it,just not before like 8pm.

    I guess i'll be making some phone calls once its late enough for places to be open.i want that tramadol.and if my OB doctor says I can have it that works for me.
    I think it will make a big difference in how I feel.mentally and physically.i hope anyways.


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