Detoxin momma:things are changing for me. - Part 67

By detoxin momma · Jan 25, 2015 · ·
  1. what a difference a day makes.i can't believe how much better i feel with the medication.

    i was having contractions quite a bit for a week straight,i'd say 5 a was making me very miserable and taking alot out of me.also making me feel like i simply could not go on another day like that.praying my water would just break.

    but i think the flexeril has stopped those almost not sure if thats a good thing or not.
    ive been having just one contraction a night.the bottle says to take a 10mg pill 3 times a day for spasms.and i guess a contraction is a spasm??so its working.

    i can't take that much,makes me tooooo ive taken just half a pill around bedtime the last few nights.i cant imagine how drowsy i'd feel if i took what i was prescribed.

    the drug does help me sleep better to.i still get up several times to pee,but its different.i dont feel like im awake after doing so.before it was like everytime i got up i might as well stay up.
    but this flexeril actually keeps my mind in a state of sleepiness when i get up.its been quite a help.

    and the tramadol,its like night and day how i feel with and without it.i can actually stand long enough to vacuum or do dishes without feeling like my hips are gonna give out.

    im prescribed a 50mg tab every 4 hours,but i dont take hat much either.i take one tab in the morning,and a half in the thats 75 mgs a day.
    old habits die hard i suppose,im not trying to get used to taking a bunch of this stuff a day.too risky,i know how much ive liked it in the past.dont wanna end up there again.

    i dont feel high from it like i used really is more of just a pain reliever than a stimulant now.

    ive always believed that a pain medication effects us differently when we actually need it.and im seeing proof of that now.

    anyways,38 weeks and 1 day today.

    my husband is driving me nuts.he is so anxious he says things like,any contractions today,everyday.not a bad thing,but what can i say,just leave me alone lol...

    when i do have one he says,wanna write it down,we better watch the clock.could be time...

    i appreciate his concern dont get me wrong.but it feels like hes rushing me.he just needs to chill.

    i told him yesterday,as im having my nightly 8 pm contraction,"look,our other 2 kids were born 2 days before their due date.its probably gonna happen that way we probably have atleast another week,so just chill"

    its 13 days til my due date.

    i have a checkup in 2 days.we talked about thinning the membrane at this visit,which supposedly will send me into labor within 5 days.thats only 6 days before my due date.

    my doctor said this procedure would be"very unpleasnt"

    and now that im allowed medication i dont feel like i have to go that route.i dont feel so ready to rush along.

    why put myself threw something so 'unpleasant' to save a week.seems pointless to me,now.
    it didnt before the tramadol and flexeril.i was saying go for it.put me out of my misery.

    and like i told my husband this morning, as im whining about how hard it is to even roll over or get up outta bed,we've been growing this fetus for 266 days,whats another 13.nothing.because im very doubtful i'll go past my due does happen,but considering the dilation and contractions it probably wont happen to me.hopefully lol...

    just seeing that number,266 days of being pregnant,i feel has been a lonnnnng 266 days.

    im getting tired of even hearing myself tired of back pain,sciatic pain.
    i have cankles at this point!
    thats right,cankles.calfs that go straight to ankles.even my toes are swollen to twice their size.
    if i cross my'cankles' while sitting theres an impression left behind from all the water weight.
    if i squeeze my hand around any part of my leg i can see it perfectly embedded into my skin.

    i thought i was gonna beat this water weight swelling this time,but i was wrong.
    my doctor told me to stop drinking caffeine and it would let up.

    ha,no caffeine.yeah right.i'll just suck it up and deal with falls off fast,i know,done it before.

    man i cant wait to wear normal clothes again.i want my jeans back.i want my pumas back.
    ahhh the little things....


  1. AKA_freckles
    I'm glad you are feeling better and getting sleep.

    As far as the tramadol goes, remember your weight and especially your blood volume has gone up, so 50 mgs. isn't going to be a strong as pre-pregnancy. It's way more diluted in your system now, so it makes sense that you can't feel it. Also you have more aches and pains so that affects the effects lol

    Did you know when you're pregnant our hearts get 50% bigger? Because our blood volume increases by a third, I believe. I think pregnancy is just so interesting!

    I definitely remember staring at my closet wistfully. And only being able to wear flip flops the last month of my last baby. Ugh it will be over soon, woman.

    Hang in there. (Insert kitten poster here)
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