Detoxin momma:things are changing for me. - Part 68

By detoxin momma · Jan 28, 2015 · ·
  1. thanks freckles,i did know about the blood increase,but not the heart getting bigger.makes sense,its all tied together.and i didnt think about the weight change causing a different effect either,that makes sense to.

    i decided thats why im so uncomfortable at night laying down.the blood production increase is what makes me feel like one big bruise when the weight of my body is pushing against the mattress.

    also why we can get plagued with colds so much more while pregnant.i havent really had a cold,but i have definatly had sinus issues for most of this pregnancy.

    my primary doctor actually believes this is why i fainted back in october.

    ive been fighting off ear infections the entire pregnancy.they get full of fluid,i use a nasal spray,it helps temporarily,but then gets infected.back and forth.

    this is apparently what caused my white blood cell counts to get so outta whack,causing me to pass out.
    ive been on antibiotics 3 times this pregnancy,all because of ears,which essentially is tied to the increased production of blood and mucus,causing them to get infected.
    not fun,but if thats the worse issue i'll have to deal with i can't really complain.

    although,if i had one major complaint worth mentioning for this pregnancy it'd be the back and sciatic pain.i sure hope this lets up when im not carrying anymore.

    as someone who grew up swimming in the muddy mississippi ive gotten pretty used to ear that doesnt really bother me.

    anyways,had another checkup yesterday.i was still in the exact same spot! 1 cm 50% effaced.

    so i let the doctor strip my membrane.i said i wasnt gonna,but after him saying i was still in the exact same condition as i have been for weeks i said screw it,just do it.

    it wasnt that bad.he made it sound like it was going to be dreadful,but wasnt any worse than checking for dilation,just a little big deal.
    i literally said,"thats it?"

    i was told he's done this for some women and they go into labor within 48 hours.
    others he's stripped 2 to 3 times before anything happens.

    he said i should expect some spotting,but i havent.kinda wish i would so i would know something was happening.
    makes me think he wasnt rough enough,for lack of a better way to put it.

    i read pages of posts from women that had this done at 38 and 39 weeks,and it sounds to be just like everything else,everyones different.
    so i guess you could say its an absolute pointless procedure to have done.

    my due date is only 10 days away.the whole thinking i was gonna deliver early has passed.
    i really had january 20th on the brain for some reason,but thats come and gone.

    my husband and i were even talking about what makes a person go into labor a few weeks early,cuz it definatly aint smoking!

    ive smoked most my life,and had 3 full term,healthy sized babies.

    put that in your book,lol....

    thats a smartass comment i say alot.


  1. Sleepynurse
    Yeah, you are totally right about the membrane strip, it helps if your body is ready to go into labor but otherwise, not so much.

    Manual nipple stimulation or using a breast pump if you have one can help by producing oxytocin (the natural version of pitocin, the induction medicine) but I did it religiously for the last week and babe still came one day before due date.

    Sperm contains prostaglandins and is, thusly, a cervical ripening agent, so it helps get your cervix more favorable, for when you do start those contractions! We give prostaglandins at the beginning of an "unfavorable induction" to help prepare the cervix. So let your husband get his last kicks before those brutal six weeks following delivery! ;)

    Those last days of pregnancy are brutal! Waiting games while your body is so uncomfortable, ugh. Sending you positive, comfy vibes.
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