Detoxin momma:things are changing for me. - Part 70

By detoxin momma · Jan 31, 2015 · ·
  1. i was right about the flexeril,it definatly has been keeping things more relaxed for me and her.

    i didnt take any last night,and boy did i regret it.didnt sleep at all.
    contractions every other hour all night long.

    i moaned and groaned and tossed and turned,got up every other hour trying to walk off the contractions.and was able to.for that hour anyway.

    in the past i would've went to the hospital by now.
    but im older and wiser now,
    and have the internet access to look up every little thing of course.

    my doctor told me when i have contractions to look at the time,and see if they come every 5 minutes after,for an hour straight.

    i have had contractions that came every 5 minutes more than one day,but once i start thinking,"ok thats every 5 minutes"
    its only happening for a half hour.because by that point im up moving around trying to see if they stop when i change positions,like i was told to do,and they do.

    so im not going to the hospital until its been a full hour of contractions,or that dont stop when i get up and do something,like sweep the floor or stick some dishes in the dishwasher.

    i've gotten very obsessive over every little bit of clutter lately.
    can't be a single piece of clothes in the dirty laundry,can't be a single dish in the sink.

    i have this thought process that i could be leaving in labor at any moment and i want the house in tip top shape so it will lessen my chances of coming home to a mess!

    i even jumped the kids shit when they got off the bus yesterday.
    they always come in dropping back packs wherever,kicking shoes off in the middle of the living room,coats strung on the dining room table,making snacks and laving everything out in the kitchen...

    yesterday i told them"no way!put all that crap where it goes,now! if i have to leave i do not want to come home to your crap everywhere!"

    their old enough to handle that stuff.
    i've been quite the enabler up to this point.

    i still make sure my daughters hair is washed to my standards at every shower!even brush it myself,because of course she didnt do a good enough job!
    i still pick out their clothes everynight!
    i still put their food on their plates!
    i even bring them their shoes to put on,every morning!and hand them their coats as they walk out the door.

    thats crazy,their 9&11.
    ive really been regretting these things lately.having a baby about to come is making me realize how spoiled ive got them.and im scared!

    i shoulda started weaning them off the tit a long time ago.
    i dont know how mornings are gonna go now.

    will baby be awake?will we wake her with all the commotion?
    will baby and i already be awake when its time to get them ready?

    i dont know.

    and im nervous.its alot to handle.

    trying to keep everyone happy with so much going on is going to be really tough.

    but,people do it,its not just me.this is what mothers do.and i hope i handle it all still with a smile on my face.

    anyways,definatly taking the flexeril tonite.don't want another night like last night,no way.
    plus when i truely do go into labor i need to be rested,not exhausted from no sleep.

    i'll be getting plenty of no sleep nights once she comes,so i better get all the rest i can now.guess thats why i've been put on it in the first place.

    still taking a fraction of what im prescribed though,of the tramadol to.
    a third to be exact i figure,littleless even.

    flexerils supposed to be 10mgs 3x's a day, but im taking a half a pill,so 5 mg's at bedtime.
    thats less than a third im prescribed.and its strong enough i get fine sleep on just that amount.don't want to be all zombified.

    the tramadols supposed to be 50 mgs every 4 hours..but im still just taking 50 mgs in the morning,and another half,so 25 mgs in the afternoon.

    and thats plenty,its helping in the back pain department just fine.not getting the energy i used to but thats ok.
    freckles pointed out my weight change,and im sure she nailed it.if i took a whole 50 mgs every 4 hours i probably would get some pep.
    but im scared to try.

    i always have this thought process when it comes to taking pills,that i may get a reaction i don't like,so if i've taken just half of it i won't have to feel that way long.
    no matter what it is,vicodin,percocet,oxy,doesnt matter.i always take a half.always have this fear that it may hit me to strongly.

    probably not a bad thing i think that it keeps my tolerance in check.

    anyways,my husband is really getting on my nerves lately.and the sad thing is he doesnt even have to do anything!

    hearing him snore at night is really annoying right now.

    then to get up and say he's tired!

    gimme a break.

    i wish he could live just one day in my shoes right now.a full 24 hours in my body,in this condition.
    then tell me how tired and beat you are.
    he has no idea what tired is.


  1. Kitts
    Oh Momma I feel for you, I really do, but you crack me up with your writing. :laugh: I'm so glad you can keep your sense of humour during this time, even when you're describing things that really piss you off. You have such a turn of phrase.

    Don't worry about the children, they'll rise to the occasion when it comes to helping mother the little one. That age group is perfect for wanting to play "mommy". Everything is going to be ok.

    Everything is going to be ok.

    Keep telling us how're you're doing. Everytime a notification comes from this thread I run over here thinking you've gone into labour. I'm like an expectant hen. :confused:

    Hang on in there, it will be soon.
    Sending you lots of love, Kitts xx
  2. Beenthere2Hippie
    You are a one-of-a-kind member and poster, one whom I love to come to DF daily to read what's up in your comings and goings this late in pregnancy. Thank you for sharing this precious time of yours with all of us.

    So the house is immaculate, mommy, though busy, is on edge...waiting and worrying. Life of the kids and the hubby go on, unchanged. So much so that sometimes you can feel so all alone in your pregnancy. But you're not. It's just an illusion, and when this daughter of yours arrives, everything, for the most part, will fall amazingly into all the right spaces. And life will go on, just fine.

    It's just that waiting for change to take place--that being struck in no man's land (lol!!!)--waiting to turn to a new page, a new chapter, a new person to add to your heart's list of loves.

    Here's my funny labor story. Well, not funny, but I'm sure you can appreciate it.

    So I'm fully 9 (or should we say fully 10) months pregnant and waiting for the birth of my son. He's due but not overdue, the doctor keeps reminding me, so all is right on course. The last two days before delivering our son, I go into "labor." My pains are 5, then 3, then 2 minutes apart for over two hours, so we go.

    My doctor shows up and tells me that though I am 5 cm dialated, my water in intact and I am still not delivering--unless I want to be induced. "No. No induction," I tell them, and my husband and I leave, confused.

    The following day the same thing happens, but for four hours, the last hour of that "labor" strong but erratic. Again, I am told I am not in "true labor."

    I sit at home and cry to anyone who asks. How am I going to know when I'm really in labor? Last time I felt like I did yesterday or today, I had a baby. This time, no go.

    The third day I go through another morning and afternoon of "untrue labor." I consider what the doctor has said of my choices (continue as is or induce labor). I go to the hospital one last time and give in to the rationale of those who do none of the real pushing, so to speak. All men, doctors and husbands. So I'm induced (which I would not suggest) and 5 hours later our son arrives.

    Pregnancy, especially the end stage, is an emotional and often a highly confusing time of life. But like all things that are meant to be, you'll have your beautiful baby, your kids and your husband when all is said and done. Honest.

    Sending you love (and hopes for labor soon!)


    *When you deliver, please make sure to us all know her final name, weight, height, time of birth, etc. as soon as you can. We'll all be waiting~
  3. mrs.badger
    Good Heavens, Beenthere, I thought for sure this story was going to end with you going to the hospital again, this time with baby in your arms and saying, "See, I told you"
  4. Beenthere2Hippie
    Thanks, Mrs. Badger. It was quite the experience, for sure. Truth be told, those "non-labor" pains I was having really were as strong as the ones that delivered my previous two babes. Life is a strange puzzle, hey?
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