Detoxin momma:things are changing for me. - Part 72

By detoxin momma · Feb 3, 2015 · ·
  1. thank you kitts,i got a good giggle out of that holy batman bit....i guess its because my post were less than 24 hours apart.?
    doesnt matter....

    i decided i better update now just incase i don't feel able in the morning.considering how i'm feeling i wouldn't be surprised.

    so anyways,finally progressed to 4 cm dilated, and fully effaced.also i lost my 'plug'...i thought i did but wasnt sure because i don't recall ever experiencing that with my priors.
    losing the plug apparently isn't the end all be all.just like everything else,everyones different...

    but,contractions still too spread out to be in true labor.

    but,all things considered,how i feel mostly.
    we decided to induce.tomorrow at 8 am to be exact.

    unless i go into true labor tonite or my water breaks,that means by this time tomorrow i'll finally be out of my misery.

    all the talk of letting things happen naturally,refusing induction,has completely went out the window due to the intensity of the contractions i started having yesterday.

    women really are amazing beings.i can not believe what we can tolerate.

    to think that every single one of us had to be brought into the world this way.i have a whole new respect for really is amazing.

    anyways,i have a feeling things are gonna go pretty quick tomorrow.sure hope so anyway.

    by the way,we decided her name is Trinity.

    when all is said and done and i'm back home with baby i will work on posting a picture or 2.

    its been quite a journey.i've been thinking about the time standing still comments some of you were talking about,and boy thats an understatement.
    i feel like its been the longest year of my life.even tomorrow feels so far away.

    thanks for everything every one of you has said to me.rather it be here,or direct or visitor messages,i truely appreciate every one of you.

    tata for now.


  1. Cmenot
    I'm cheering for you!!! I hope that right now you are laying in a bed with your hubby and brand new baby!
  2. lostlygirl
    Oooh!! By now you should have beautiful Trinity in your arms! Wow, what a journey. It goes by so very fast. I cannot wait to hear your whole story. I remember reading your very first post (that was when I was lurking, I joined shortly after), and you were complaining about your husband slipping in 'those little swimmers', and I laughed out loud!

    I am sorry you went through so many Braxton Hicks, not fun. I was lucky with all 6 of mine because they all came early, and no pre-labour, thank goodness. The real thing was bad enough, I can't imagine several days of it. ;)

    I hope you are doing well and are enjoying your lovely new one. How was the induction, or did you beat them to it??? How big and long is she?

    Its my 3rd oldest 's birthday today, she is 16, so it truly goes by super fast. She wants me to take her today to get her drivers license. I was watching 'Friends' reruns last night from 1999 and thinking that I was expecting her when those shows first aired. It really only seems like yesterday. Just watch, one day very soon you will wake up and it will be Trinity's 16th birthday and it will seem as today was not that very long ago. My girl on that day will be 32, and I will be 66. It seems like such a long time away and it really isn't. Time is strange like that.

    You are a good mum, no, a GREAT mom, be proud, girl, you DID it!! You made it through with grace and love.

    I cannot wait to hear your update!! Out of curiosity, what have you decided to do with the Tramadol?

    Lots of love, cheer, and best wishes!
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