Detoxin momma:things are changing for me. - Part 73

By detoxin momma · Feb 9, 2015 · ·
  1. finally,i can share my birth story.
    finally,not pregnant anymore.

    theres no place like home....

    so,i got to the hospital at 8am.started petocin by 9.the nurses were upping the dose every 30 minutes.
    by noon i was 7 cm dilated.

    i got the epidural.for whatever reason it didnt effect the right side of my body like it did the left.
    left side was completely paralized,but i still had alot of pain in the right side.
    so i was given a direct dose into the epidural.

    that did it.i felt nothing at all after all.

    my doctor was held up at another hospital,and there was an ice storm just starting.a pretty bad one to,schools were already closing on the news for the next day!

    so my doctor had to drive right in the midst of the storm.he got there right before it was time to start pushing.

    by that time it was 5:30.

    5 pushes and out she came!just over 9 hours of quickest yet.

    my husband and my step sister each had a knee in hand.but at that last push i reached down ad grabbed one foot pulling it up as far as it would go,and out she came.
    i didnt feel a bit of it.

    as the nurses kept checking for dilation i was first told i was just 3 cm.and i'm like,"you guys are much rougher than my doctor,lol.and he said 4 cm yesterday"
    they said he's not rough because he knows nothings going to happen at his office,and by the time we get to their rooms their rough because they want to speed things along....makes sense.

    during 3rd push my husband said my doctor was stroking her hair!
    you know how the head starts coming out slowly at first,and boy talk about hair.its very dark and very long.everyone commented about how much hair she has.

    she definatly takes more after my husband.dark hair,dark eyes, and tan skin.

    she was 6lbs 14 ounces.19.75 inches long.
    just a tiny bit bigger than my first daughter.

    i predicted she'd be in the middle of my other 2,and i was right.

    she instantly put her thumb in her cute.

    she's been just as peaceful as my other 2.we've yet to hear her cry.little noises and little wah wahs of course,but no crying like you hear some babies do.thankfully.

    we've been extremely lucky,not even a little jaundice like is so common either.

    passed all the newborn tests perfectly,like hearing and whatnot.

    so far i'm strictly breast feeding.just got fully engorged day before yesterday.anyone thats experienced this knows how painful it nipples are on fire.
    i'm pumping to help relieve pressure,and that hurts like hell to.

    right after delivery,when i was first able to walk to the bathroom myself,they make you have help the first 2 times,i was coming out of the bathroom,and the nurse was changing the bed pads.

    my ecig fell out of where i had it stashed.she picked it up and says"these aren't allowed,but you do what you need to do.we'd rather you stay here and breastfeed baby than be running outside to smoke"

    i was shocked!she was a little older,50 probably.she respected that i was breastfeeding.all the nurses and my doctor were telling me how good it was that i'm doing that.

    not to knock anyone that doesn' each their own.but it really is better.breast is best.and it hurts like hell,people know noone was gonna gripe at me over an ecig.
    i was shocked,but definatly relieved.

    now for the kicker.
    some people never reveal anything incriminating,or anything that may make themselves look bad when their telling a story.
    i'm not like that.keeping parts to yourself doesnt help yourself or anyone else.

    i smoke marijuana.have done so for many years.with all 3 pregnancies is what it is,i don't feel guilty because im so confident in my beliefs that marijuana has no adverse effects,on me or my baby.

    but,its still illegal here.

    the day i went home a social worker comes in and says,"since you've tested positive for THC a social worker will be coming to your home to check things out."

    "thats fine,i have nothing to hide" i said.

    i kinda felt like,i'll believe it when i see it,because i was told this with my others to,and noone ever came.

    but just 3 hours after coming home someone did come.
    she walked threw the house.made sure baby had a crib and all the necessaties.(she has way more than just necessaties,shes spoiled already)
    even looked in the refrigerator.

    10 minutes in she says,"its my job to asses any concerns or neglect,and i see nothing to be concerned about here"

    no shit!i coulda told them that.
    but,its illegal so i have no choice but to go along.

    as she sits down and tells me to sign a paper saying shes come and gone,i tell her "i am extremely insulted by this".

    she says i understand,but the laws the law.

    she asks me how much and often i smoke and i say"whenever i feel like it!"

    "thats just something you do?"she asks

    "yes,and you better believe i voted for the legalization of marijuana",which passed,medicinally for now.but full legalization is coming.

    thats another reason im not ashamed.we need all the positive statistics we can get from marijuana baby is very healthy and very happy.

    my husband and i both have clean records.
    i have honor roll certificates for both my kids hanging on the fridge.the've missed probably 10 days of school combined ever in their lives.
    and our home is very well kept.not just on a cleanliness level,but even for food and anything a child needs.

    and the social worker saw this and said thats all we'd hear from them,because of that.
    had our place been a mess,no supplies for baby,no food in the house etc,they could take a baby over that.
    thats actually a good thing,noone would want a baby going home to a neglectful environment,even me.
    so check away,thats how i feel.

    i was honest from day one about my pot use,with this and all 3 pregnancies.the fact that noone ever came with my other 2 kinda has me baffled.

    i was young and technically single,because we werent married.
    but now that im older and married someone comes to check!?
    whats that about.?

    anyways,thats the whole story,even the incriminating it or hate it gotta appreciate my honesty.

    i'm setup to have my tubes tied mid march.can't wait.

    don't get me wrong,i wouldn't trade my beautiful new addition for anything.but i'm done having kids!!

    also,i've yet to figure out how to add an image to my i will make an album with a few pictures of Trinity.
    maybe i'll ask for assistance on adding some to this journal.probably should.considering how revealing and open hearted i've been througout it would a good idea.

    so for now,anyone interested in seeing can check out my profile page, and i'll work on making an album just for her this morning.

    thanks again for all the support i've received.
    and thanks to anyone that felt the need to insult me,and didnt.i'm sure their out there.

    anyways,just sent the kids to school,babies still sleeping.i literally wake her every 3 hours to eat throughout the fussing at all.

    at this stage in the game,3 kids in,all very similar in behaviors,first 2 born 2 days before due,this one 3 days before due,healthy sizes, i'm really asking myself,is it luck?
    or is it that i must be doing something right....


  1. ianzombie
    I am delighted for you guys. You are so lucky that it was that fast.
    I hope my Girlfriends only takes 5 pushes too :)
  2. Jungledog
    Congratulations my friend!!! So very happy for you!!! Rest and take care of yourself and that precious little one.
  3. mrs.badger
    momma, I've been thinking about you. Congratulations on your new baby girl! Bummer about the social worker and the unsaid assumptions.
    (When you mentioned Trinity's full head of hair, it reminded me of my sister's birth. Same thing-in fact she had so much hair, when the nurses brought her back to my Mom they had it tied up in a little bow.)
  4. Kitts
    Congratulations my friend! Very proud of you for dealing with the social worker so brilliantly. I'm so glad you showed her what an amazing mom you are. You tick all the boxes Momma. You put your kids first and it just leaps off the page how much you do for them and what a great family they have.
    Much respect and lots of love and happiness to you all. Now I must rush off to see pics of Trinity!
  5. Sleepynurse
    Yay babies! Sorry about your boobies! That's awesome that your milk is already in, though! Hot showers to relieve some engorged-Ness, lol.

    I'm glad that the social worker realized you guys are good parents and it's great that you were honest with your healthcare workers.

    Have fun with your babies and enjoy not being pregnant anymore! Hope most of your pains are gone.
  6. Beenthere2Hippie

    Phhhhhheeewwww! I'm glad that's safely behind you! It's wonderful to hear how great you (all) did. So who does she look like in the face? Does she resemble your other kids, or is she more like your or your husband whose coloring she has? And the kids, are they just curious her or super-excited, "can't keep my hands off" about the baby? Does they hover around watching when you change her diapers or feed her?

    Your having just had her brings my own infant baby memories bubbling up to the surface. What a joyful yet a tad bit nerve-wracking time.

    And now about boobs. Oh, do I hear you about the discomfort, and the strange sensation of how your milk "letting down" feels like, right? I nursed two of my three kids (my younger daughter never had a bottle or a binky in her mouth, as she went right from my breast to a sippy cup. She was my thumb-sucker: born with it so securely stuck in her mouth that the doctor had to give her a little slap on the butt to get her to let lose of the thumb and give a healthy yelp).

    Just remember to toughen up your nipples again (You guys may think that funny, but we moms know it is necessary when first nursing again). Husbands always seem to like helping with the toughening process, lol.

    About the social worker, WOW. Back when I had kids there was no testing or questioning on marijuana so I never had to deal with the likes. I can surely see how someone from the state coming to your home would feel like an insult, the govenment's attempt to slap your wrist, if nothing else. I'm glad you were not at all rude to the lady, and that, instead, your healthy, happy life reflected the sentiment Fuck Off, Please nicely for you. That's as it should be. I hate people or things that get off by trying to steal the dignity of others that they just do have the good sense to try and understand.

    Again, congrats Momma. Sending love and hugs to all.

  7. cren
    I think it was very brave of you to speak up to the social worker like did, you were strong and held your ground and stood up for your rights and what you believe in and showed that smokers can be good parents to her. It will help others down the track in the long run. I hope it all goes ok for you and it really is the last you hear from them. Looking forward to the pics
  8. Nosferatus
    Hey, good for you guys.
  9. Lacy
    This is wonderful news. They should see that you have a happy and healthy family. What is wrong with them!they should be checking on the family’s that need to be necked on. Stay stron and good luck with your babies
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