Detoxin momma:things are changing for me. - Part 74

By detoxin momma · Feb 13, 2015 · ·
  1. wow,never had i had so many notifications waiting for me!!

    thank you to all of you for your continuous support.

    i've just been busy trying to rest when baby does.not easy for a gal like many things to do when she sleeps.
    i feel like 20% of my time is spent trying to keep those little gloves on her hands so she doesnt scratch her face.she goes straight to her eyes every chance she gets.

    as for the social worker,they can kiss my ass!! i was asked for a phone number from each side of our families when she check in on our 'support group'....but noone ever even called either of our family members.i suppose thats a good thing.

    if they mess with me again i will be getting my lawyer involved.he is one of the highest profile lawyers in our state,and i cleaned for his family and his parents for 10 years off and on.we are like family in a way.
    hell his wife was even at the birth of my son,had one knee in i have no fears of the government.go mess with some of these other families round here that truely are slackin off in the parental department,thats how i feel about that.

    since we are on a drugs forum i should touch on what went down in that aspect.

    i refused the percocets,and went with norco instead.i remember very well how doped up my first daughter was when i was breast feeding on that,no thanks...

    also got great for pain.

    the norco only lasted 5 days,but get motrin for 2 months!

    i havent had a bit of tramadol since i delivered.

    havent had a bit of anything narcotic in a few days now.and i feel fine.although i did have a 3 nights of severe night bad even behind the knees were soaked.

    taking trinity in this morning for a weight check.
    did that monday to.babies lose a few ounces after birth generally,but she had already put 2 of the 5 she lost back on monday,so i'm curious to see how much she put back on today.
    but,im exhausted,im not gonna bullshit.

    eat,sleep,poop,repeat.....all day every day.
    every 2-3 hours im up feeding and burping and changing diapers.

    toays the first day i actually felt rested enough to be sitting here typing.

    my anxity has been really bad bad i had myself convinced i had a collapsed lung the other day!
    but,i know better now,its just anxiety.
    after my son was born i had it so bad i did go in for a chest xray and an EKG.they told me i had costochondritis(spelling?)
    could of been from an injury i was hitting your chest on a steering wheel in a car accident type injury.

    wrong,it was from a panic attack or 2,i know now.

    so i started taking the hydroxyzine again.once a day.and that shit works.rather have that than xanax or me my breath back without doping me up too much.

    as for the marijuana,i have been smoking just a onehit before bedtime.its not even about getting high right now,more like avoiding withdrawal.
    i hate night sweats,and just that onehit is keeping them away.

    i can't wait for the medicinal marijuana to expand a bit more.right now you gotta have something pretty serious to get approved,like cancer.
    i need it for anxiety reasons.

    it really is amazing how different everyones birth and pregnancy stories are.even my 3 were nothing alike.
    the 2 biggest born normally had to have their water broke.
    my smallest born threw surgery broke her water during me sleeping.what a trip..

    i hope it goes smooth for ian's girl to.theres just no way to tell whats gonna go down til you get there.and even if you think you know,life throws you a surprise.

    anyways,still working on adding some pictures that actually do her some justice of how beautiful she is.i hooked my phone up to the computer yesterday to upload images,they were took from my phone but i havent found them in my images or anything.frustrating,but i'll get to it.

    all the moaning and groaning i did while pregnant seems so trivial now.
    when you're holding that precious perfect untainted by anything newborn,and gazing into each others eyes,and she gives you that little half smile,everything just makes sense.every bit of it.
    the pain,the insomnia,the weight gain,the heart burn, who cares,its just a small piece of the puzzle.
    even though it doesnt seem that way in the midst of it,lol...

    i took all the blankets off the bed,that nest i had created must of been 6 inches thick!
    no need for it now.bed feels perfectly cozy again.
    good riddance.

    im supposed to have contacted my doctor about setting up my tubal ligation by now,but just havent got to it.i got plenty of time,can't have sex for atleast a month anyways.
    awww,poor baby,he'll live lol...

    ok,gonna start getting baby ready to go into the doctor.don't have to go back for shots until shes 2 months.
    now that is a terrible experience!!
    i'll be hearing her cry for real on that day,for sure.

    take care each and everyone of you.thank you for all your words of wisdom and support.


  1. Kitts
    That is just the best thing I've read on here all week.

    So good to read that everything's going well. Thankyou for keeping us updated. And good luck at the doctors today. I'm really pleased for you Momma. This is a great journal. I don't think we've got another one like this anywhere in R&A. Great stuff. :thumbsup:
  2. Beenthere2Hippie
    I'm guessing each and everyone of us reading this latest post of yours is sitting with an ear-to-ear grin of gratitude for you and Trinity's well-being. So happy for you all. Now try and get some rest!
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