Detoxin momma:things are changing for me. - Part 75

By detoxin momma · Feb 15, 2015 ·
  1. feeling rested enough to talk today

    i added a few pictures to her album that actually do her some justice.the newborn photos never do.swelling from birth and all that.

    we got a birth announcement put in our local paper,and i wish i coud use one i have other than what the hospital took..but its all good.

    something ive been thinking about.the whole cord blood donation thing they do in the hospital.
    when i was getting checked in and filling papers out i was told they may not want my cord blood since it was contaminated with THC...fine,doesnt matter to me.

    but i got my little thank you for your donation magnent in the mail yesterday,so i after making me feel guilty they used it anyways.
    just something i've thought about.i wonder if theres a whole seperate category for 'contaminated' cord blood...just a thought i been having.

    to kitts and beenthere2hippie,i thank you greatly.all the people who have encouraged and supported me throughout this journal are greatly appreciated,but these 2 ladies go above and beyond,and without them i probably wouldnt have been so thorough and dedicated to this journal.

    ive made many friends just from starting this journal,and thats awesome.
    to be honest,everytime i logged on i looked to my friends list kinda expecting to lose some from things ive said here,but noone left me,thats awesome thanks for that as well.

    i would like to close this jornal.ive said all i need to say on this matter,and would like to go on spreading words of wisdom and support to others.instead of feeling like i have a duty here with this journal to uphold.

    and considering everytime ive logged on, the number of views has grown so rapidly,everyday,i have felt an obligation in a way to see this threw to the end.its been a little intimidating in a way.theres been a lot of views here.if you do the math its over 50 a day!
    talk about pressure,lol...

    i would also encourage anyone struggling with an unexpected pregnancy to try and keep your head up,and look to the light at the end of the tunnel.because it is there,no matter how hard it is to see it sometimes.take it from me.

    so,this is the end.
    alls well that ends well.((((:)vibes:)))))


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