Detoxing - Fentanyl with hell, my life. - Part 25

By lostlygirl · Nov 29, 2014 · ·
  1. Yes, I feel the same way, especially with Thanksgiving. I don't mind Christmas so much because it's fun to get the kids stuff they have waited all year for, although I am dreading it this year because of money. I don't like the added responsibility of shopping for, and then cooking lots of big meals, making sure the house it's spotless, that company is comfortable, etc. It's just a lot of work on top of everything else. I always breath a big sigh of relief when January comes.

    JD, c'mon!! Grant writing is fun, lol! Hahaha! I wrote several grants when I was asked to redesign the Graphic Design program, select all the classes for the degree, create class content for all classes, present/defend to the state, and then gain accreditation for the new program. And, the very, very best part? The penny's I was paid for doing it.....! I swear most colleges need to hire more full-time grant writers.... or, more full-time staff to begin with. What are you writing the grant for?

    I woke up in bad pain today. I am lying here waiting for the ibuprofen to work. Ggrrrrr....

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    I wonder if Alfa has thought of writing/applying for grants for this site? Mind you, I am sure there would be far to many limitations on content. There may be one or two grants out there that might fit, though......


  1. Jungledog

    I am writing 2 grants. One is for my research and one is to cover my part-time salary at the free clinic. I like to write but I feel a bit rushed as I also have to finish up my research article and submit for publication. Plus I have the new administrative job plus I am teaching a new course so I have full prep on that by January. Ugh.

    Well, as I wrote that I thought "maybe you should taper slower." But I will now have 2 solid weeks over the holidays to just rest and heal. It is a window I will not get again until May. Mentally I can't taper until May. I went 10 hours between doses today and I feel pretty damn good. Shooting for 12 hours and then I will drop the actual dose. I am hopeful that with a 3 month taper the jump off should not be that bad.

    Oh and yes I think this site could get a least the recovery part. Addiction is quite expensive. This site has helped many people get and stay clean. I love reading the updates of those who are doing so well. Gives me hope!

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