Detoxing - Fentanyl with hell, my life. - Part 30

By lostlygirl · Dec 2, 2014 · ·
  1. OK. I will order Kratom. I am afraid I will like it too much. I hesitate to add ANYTHING for that reason. Shit, I even like taking Sudafed. Thoughts?

    What I need is a great big smack in the head!!

    I think I triggered because it was cold outside. Is that not the most ridiculous reason ever?? My heater doesn't work in my car, I needed to go to WalMart last night and I was freezing by the time I came home. I have a really hard time keeping warm. I hopped in a bath, but my daughter wanted to shower, and my son was doing the dishes and there wasn't enough hot water. The bath actually made me colder.

    I jumped into bed and couldn't warm up and just thought, fuck it. Fentanyl must heat my core body temp. Is that even possible? It feels like it does.

    Stupid, stupid, stupid trigger. I hate being cold. I am a very different person in the winter than I am in the summer. I hibernate. I hate going outside, I am grumpy and I am cold all. the. time. In the summer I am happy, involved in my life, go out all the time, etc. Nov through Feb is usually pretty hard on me.

    Once my youngest is out of HS I am going to Australia for the winters.


    Hugs xxoo

    lostlygirl added 16 Minutes and 10 Seconds later...

    I asked about Bp meds when I was at my doctor with the idea of getting off of Fentanyl faster. He said the concern was not so much the 110/60, but that I have had several readings as low as 90/60. He said its difficult to tell what my average readings are, but that 90/60 is considered pretty low and that dropping below that can be dangerous. (I usually have my bp taken a few times. The first readings come in around 70/40, but for that to be accurate I would have to be pretty much passed out....)

    I always watch how fast I get up because otherwise I see stars and start to black out. Can Fentanyl raise blood pressure? I seem to have more energy when I am on it?

    Do you know what's also really wierd? I have a ridiculously high heart rate. My sleeping rate average is 97 bpm. Resting its 145, and over 180 when exercising. (after my ex had his MI I had it checked on a 24 hr monitor). The cardiologist said it was ok, that some people just have really fast heart rates, and it was probably why I was so slim.

    Hugs, xxoo


  1. Jungledog

    You sound like you have POTS. Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome and your cardiologist may have over looked this. Fairly common in women and the symptoms you describe match. I would treat it with a low dose betablocker. Your heart rate is high and this makes your BP fall. Slow the rate and the pressure will actually come up. Basic physiology.

    As for kratom, well I guess there is a chance you could get hooked on anything. I personally think it tastes like ass so it is difficult for me to imagine using this crap forever. It does though make the withdraw go away. I am not having issues tapering it. I guess you need to ask yourself if you can control it. If not, the only other option is cold turkey.
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