Detoxing - Fentanyl with hell, my life. - Part 31

By lostlygirl · Dec 3, 2014 · ·
  1. JD, That's really interesting that you say that, because I also have really high blood inflammation. When my back was first acting up I had a blood test to check for arthritis. Apparently my blood inflammation tested in the Lupus range. The GP panicked and called me at home saying I needed to see a specialist ASAP. When I saw her she took one look at me, said "You don't have lupus you're far to healthy, don't ever let them take this test again or you'll be treated for all kinds of shit you don't have", and sent me home. I've not had the test since and I have been perfectly fine. My 17 yr old son also tested in the Lupus range for blood inflammation and he is perfectly fine as well. There must be a genetic component to this as I have always had a high heat rate and very low Bp. Odd.

    I was spacing off and went to take 5 Loperamide and I think I took 5 Benadryl instead. They are in EXACTLY the same type of bottle, and are EXACTLY the same size, except Benadryl is pink and loperamide is green. Shit, I will be really pissed if I did because it will make withdrawals CRAZY bad, and I will be sleepy and feel like crap. I guess I will find out in an hour. I tried to throw it up, but with no luck. I moved the Benadryl a long way from the loperamide so I don't accidentally do it again. I guess if I am having an allergic reaction to Loperamide that'll fix it.... :)

    Withdrawals have been really good. I mean super mild, in fact non existent. I wonder if its because I was on Fentanyl a shorter time than I was off it? Wierd, but hey, I'll take it. I have been taking Loperamide, but not in high doses and not very much, certainly not enough to ward off fentanyl withdrawals.

    I guess sometimes I get more worried then I should with medications that I might get addicted to. I forget to give myself credit for the fact I willingly got myself off a lot of shit, and reduced the fentanyl dose I was on by 75%. I would probably be fine with Kratom. It was just a hard road and I don't want to go backwards.

    Hugs xxoo


  1. smith9666

    I've been trying to keep up but what and how much are you taking each day now to taper?
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