Detoxing - Fentanyl with hell, my life. - Part 39

By lostlygirl · Dec 15, 2014 · ·
  1. Wow. How long was he chewing on them for? Did he have a tolerance for them? You mentioned that he developed one. How much was he chewing on? No detail is to small. I think you just really, really helped me. I really need this. I am very sorry for your uncle, that is heartbreaking. Did he leave kids? I forget at times that this is exactly where this addiction will lead me. I need it shoved in my face like this right now.

    And OMG - My kids all have blood disorders!! My oldest has a very low s-protein and stage 2 hypertension, with a Bp of 159/133 (untreated) and will be on Coumadin shortly and for life. My 12 yr old has factor 5 (blood clots easily), my 15 yr old had factor 8 and a low s protein, my 10 yr old has factor 5, low S protein, the cholesterol gene, and tested positive for a D'Dimer. My 17 yr old had thin blood that clots easily. We found all this out after my ex had a massive heart attack caused from factor 5. 4 of my kids will be on Coumadin for life.

    How did you find out about your blood disorder? You were lucky to catch it.


  1. thebear
    My uncle passed, but he wasnt the one chewing on the patches. It was his kid that was taking care of him, my cousin. They both have now passed. There are still 2 other kids and my aunt alive

    I believe that patches ranged from anywhere between 50/hr-100/hr

    I caught my protein S fairly easy. They just check me for it considering that its been in my family for generations. I'm the only one so far out of my brothers/sisters that have it. For privacy reason i wont disclose how many I have. They however are believed the be okay and wont end up having it. I don't take any blood thinners however because I stay so active and am usually pretty fit. My father has been on coumadin for years so has my grandfather.

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    I know that if he was getting them out of the trash he was chewing SEVERAL and if they were unopened he still would put more than one in his mouth. It all started by one of his friends coming over and getting one out of the trash and showing him. just one lousy USED patch and he was hooked.

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    Think of your kids if you are ever about to relapse, I think of my girlfriend. Soon to be fiance. She is the main motivation for me to even get up in the mornings. Im sure your kids are a very similar inspiration.
  2. supermono
    Hi Lostly,
    I am glad that you are posting and thinking about which meds are best for you to taper on. That is great my freind as difficult as it is. As much as I dont know about Fentanyl, Loperamide and Kratom maybe subutex or even methadone would help. I know methadone and have used it to taper. It isnt a very nice product but it will hold you and then you could do a very slow taper like I have done on the codeine. You made laugh when you said we had become really really good drug addicts and laughter is good for me right now. Thanks for your posts on my thread they mean a lot to me. Keep going because I know you can beat this. Take care peace Mono
  3. Jungledog

    Thanks for your support and your message. It was truly appreciated. I am not ready to talk yet but I will let you know when I am.

    Chewing on fentanyl can kill you one of two ways. It either causes a fairly typical OD and death via respiratory depression OR it causes those ventricular arrhythmias we have discussed several times. We had many, many OD's in the ER. I always checked the mouth of a coding patient to see if there was a patch in there. That fucking drug scares the shit out of me.

    Really think you should consider suboxone but that could cost more than kratom. These damn drug companies placed us all in a bind.

    Love to you.
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