Detoxing - Fentanyl with hell, my life. - Part 4

By lostlygirl · Nov 11, 2014 · ·
  1. Thanks so much, JD. I was reading about the different type of receptors last night when I couldn't sleep. I was researching the ratio of opiate receptors in the spine/gut vs the brain. I didn't find any answers on the ratio, but I did discover that there are far more opiate receptors littered throughout the body than what I realized. It now makes sense that Loperamide would be holding my withdrawals so well. On the flip side, at some point those receptors are going to have to live without both drugs. It may as well be sooner rather than later.

    I am going to try to keep the dose to 40 mg (20 pills) tomorrow. I am hoping to cut by five pills daily until I reach 10 pills, at which point I would like to cut by one pill a day. If I follow that plan I will only be on loperamide a total of 16 days. I then think I will try Kratom to manage the pain, although if I am going to be completely honest with myself then there is a good chance I will abuse it. I am just not good with any of this stuff.

    How long does it take for a lipophilic drug to completely leave the fat cells? I am 100 lbs, very small boned, although I have somewhat a high body fat ratio (big boobs, lol!) Should I be trying to sweat it out? I am drinking TONS of water, so hopefully that helps.

    Its getting a little tough now. I am getting really restless and just ache all over. I am trying to wait until right before I go to bed for my next dose. I skipped my 7:30 pm and decided to save it for just before bed. Ugh. Im just achy and my legs hurt. I am also really wired. My brain feels like its sober for the first time in 15 years. It feels too sharp.

    JD, my friend. We ARE doing this! Thank you so much for your love and support. You are a friend to many here, and that's a beautiful thing.


  1. JonBenetMom
    Hey Lostly-
    Im not sure if I missed this but did you- have you gotten kratom yet? I really think that it can be helpful to you in coming off the lopes and the fentanyl. It is truly a godsend for me. Ive read about others tapering down eventually from kratom too but like Ive said- its legal and feels to me more natural than lopes would for the body. I also use Maeng Da like JungleDog but I have Bali too. Bali seems better for pain but maeng da seems better for energy. Ive been having sort of an emotional drama in my life so the maenga da is to get me up out of bed and face the world. Ive been tapering now for almost 8 weeks. The last pill is SO HARD for me to cut in half and go down. I thought it was mental but really its also still physical. These stupid tramadols are a nightmare. But I tell myself that even though I am still on one pill a day- I am WAY better than I was at 24 pills a day! I try to keep moving forward. Maybe tomorrow will be the day I can get by with half.

    You can do this! I know that there will be times you want to gouge your own eyeballs out..but you are moving forward. How AWESOME is that??? Jungledog is early helpful with all of her expertise with health and nutrition and even though I am so tired and gross- it always cheers me up to read. We are getting better. All of us. I hope you have a better night tonight than last night and an even better day tomorrow. Every hour that goes past is another hour you've won. :)
  2. Jungledog

    My best guess a big dose takes 5 days to leave your system but multiple doses will build and make this process longer. Yes, sweating if you have access to a sauna that would be great. Exercise...this helps you sweat too. This is why you just need to taper and jump to kratom. It can be done...I am doing it. :) Yes, water helps too.

    Just keep fighting. The shittiness lasts but keep reminding yourself you are NOT in full blown fucking want to die withdrawal. It's moderate and it sucks but it is livable. Take it one day at a time and keep going.

    There will be a damn Rose Parade! My goal is to be clean by gift to me.


    Jungledog added 671 Minutes and 38 Seconds later...

    How ya doing? What dose are you at now? How's the symptoms? My legs suck but otherwise feeling ok just freaking tired. :(

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