Detoxing - Fentanyl with hell, my life. - Part 7

By lostlygirl · Nov 13, 2014 · ·
  1. You are absolutely right, on all of it. I will order the kratom tonight. Can you pm me a reputable website (if that's not breaking the rules) and what type and how much to order? I have no experience at all regarding Kratom.

    I am only taking enough Loperamide to keep withdrawals at a tolerable amount. I think I am getting tired. I think I was on a scary shit high dose of fentanyl as I had read somewhere that sucking on the patch can give you up to 30 times the dose. I would cut the 50's in half and suck on 25 mcg/hr, so I could have been as high as 7,500 mcg/hr, if that's even possible. Is it? (I had the type where the fentanyl was in the adhesive, so it wasn't a jell that could spill out.)

    You are right, if I get another script of fentanyl the chances I will abuse it are extremely high. Also, I want my life back. I am so so so sick of always feeling like crap.

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    I just got your note on the warm wind, thank you, my lovely friend, thank you :)


  1. Jungledog

    We can't source here. Just take a look at the web and look at reviews. Bali works best for most people's pain. I prefer Maeng da...I find it more stimulating and stronger. I also like Green Malay for the same reason but they all taste like shit. Just toss wash and brush your teeth.

    As for the patch, a 50mcg patch actually contains about 4,100mcg by my math....50 X 72 hours (usual use) plus add 10 hours cuz they throw a little extra in in case people forget to change the patch. So if you divide this in half and sucked on it to release it all at theory you were using about 2,000mcg. Now keep in mind these patches are formulated to be "somewhat" abuse proof...meaning I kinda doubt that much came out at once or you likely would be dead. No way to know...I mean did you suck on the same piece a few times? I mean did you get multiple doses from one strip?

    I am not telling you to jump from loperamide. What I am telling you is people who get trapped on this shit fail to taper down consistently. Go down only...ever. Use as you need to but everyday drop the dose as much as possible. The drug builds in your fat slowly and when it is high enough, then the heart issues can start. Plus it is similar to Fentanyl which is already in you. Just stick to the taper and use the kratom to cushion the fall.

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