Detoxing from opiates ~ Greenlight's support page - Part 1

By Greenlight · Aug 31, 2014 · ·
  1. So here I am again. Been a lurker on this forum since I did my first detox 11 years ago.
    I have genuine pain, and have been prescribed opiates. I also have PTSD and social anxiety, something
    the opiates also helped relieve which contributed to their appeal. Now I am tired of being dependent on
    something and I want to be free.

    My starting day for cold turkey is Monday the 1st. I know from experience that I will be pretty miserable
    both physically and emotionally. Since I will be house bound for the first days, I thought it would be
    a good idea to build a bit of a support group and connect with some like minded people.

    So, here I am. Nice to meet you, everyone!
    Please say hello! :):vibes:


  1. Serak The Preparer
    Good luck Greenlight.

    In my experience, the cold turkey route is better than than tapering. We're shaped by our experiences and will be less likely to relapse after the trauma of cold turkey.

    The anxiolytic properties of opiates were the main reason I kept using for years. Try to sort out a script with your GP to help with this problem as anxiety came back to me after I got clean. If you don't want to keep taking medication then you could consider taking Valerian in one of it's many forms. It's all natural and a lot of people swear by it in the UK.
  2. TappingSoftly
    Greenlight, I too have a chronic pain condition, and I was prescribed oxycodone for years. I finally decided that the pills were doing more harm than good. I quit many times, always cold turkey, but I always started again within a few weeks. I finally quit for good (I hope) a little over two years ago. You've been through this before, so you know what to expect. There probably isn't anything I can tell you that you don't already know about cold turkey with drawal, but I will tell you that even with my chronic pain, I am happier and better off today than I was when I was on the pills. You're in for a rough week, but there are lots of people here who can give you support and advice to help you get through. Good luck Greenlight!
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