Detoxing from opiates ~ Greenlight's support page - Part 3

By Greenlight · Sep 4, 2014 · ·
  1. Hello Nefret!

    MY DOC was Oxycodone, usually the 30's.
    But Vicodin and percocets of all milligrams were acceptable substitute.
    How much I took depended on how much I could take due to availability and finances.
    If able to, I would take 15mg Oxy every 4-6 hrs. I have always been super sensitive to any kind of drugs.
    I get high from one hit of weed, or drunk of two glasses of wine etc.So when I have no tolerance to opiates, 5mg gets me high and 7.5 is too much and will make me sick. So I've been building my tolerance for a while.
    But I was not on a high amount comparatively to many ppl on this forum. Everyone's body chemistry is different.

    Why now? Well, it's not sustainable. I can't afford it financially, but also, using it as a crutch and band-aid
    to cover up other things I don't want to deal with is counter-productive. It used to help me with PTSD and anxiety, but now it have little effect at the dosage I take so it's either quit or advance to a higher dose and either ride that all the way out, or having to deal with the detox when it will be much harder down the line.
    I choose now and life. :)

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    Thank you for reaching out Nefret. :)

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    Effects of w/d's so far:

    Burning feeling all over body, shooting pains in lower back, insomnia, rls, disconnected, low energy,
    lethargic, emo, cramps, headache, sneezing, stuffy, anxiety, unfocused.

    Things that help:

    Multi-V, Vit-B stress complex, GABA lozenges, a lot of green tea, Aloe Detox formula, salads
    yoga, journaling, meditation (w binaural sounds preferred), stretching, eating green food/juicing

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    Well, first 48 hrs are over! I was miserable, but time did go by quicker than I expected.
    So maybe I'm half way out of the worst of the physical part. For me the emotional part is def.
    a bigger challenge though.

    Besides all the detox symptoms I remember (but milder) than the c/t detox I did 10 years ago
    (from a higher dosage from around 250 percocets/24hrs) this time I've noticed that my pee
    smells really yucky, like plastic and synthetic materials. Gross. I think it could be because I am eating
    a lot of detoxing foods and take some supplements to speed up the detox and healing process. I'm a lot
    healthier and more connected to my body today than I was 10 years ago so that probably plays into me
    noticing it now but not back then.

    My thread is pretty lonely.:(

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    72 hrs. Thought I would feel better by now. I do not.
    Thanks for the overwhelming support though, lovely people!
    Wish you the best for you as well.


  1. Serak The Preparer
    Hi Greenlight, great to see you've not wilted. In my experience the 1st three days were all equally bad, then an improvement into the 4th day and then I was fine from then on, except the odd stomach upset. Hopefully it will start getting easier for you from now on.

    Reading your last post I can see that it's a great idea to keep a diary of the process. Listing the symptoms should help with any euphoric recall you might get (I get it a lot!!)

    Nice work keeping it up whilst you were sick, look after yourself!!
  2. Kitts
    Hey Greenlight,

    I'm sorry you're not feeling much better by now. Don't get disheartened though - you've done so well! 72 hours is a massive achievement, and you can carry on building on it now. Do hang on in there, it will start to get better. I'm sure that with all those healthy things you are doing you will be giving yourself a good chance to feel better quicker. Don't forget to try and get a bit of sunshine each day if you can too, and maybe now you could start to think of some things you'd like to try but never got round to before. Perhaps a new hobby? Or maybe something that you used to like doing, but stopped. Anything to get you up and smiling.

    As Serak The Preparer said in his post, it's a good idea to keep note of your symptoms, emotional as well as physical, and having a journal here is a great way to do that. You will be able to see how much you are improving as the days go by, and it also serves as a source of support and distraction.
    I hope you soon start to feel much better. Keep going, and keep thinking positive. Better days are coming.
    Wishing you all the best, Kitts.

    PS. Brilliant name! :)
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