Disappearing - Part 1

By azn_dez · Apr 18, 2015 ·
  1. Have you ever felt like vanishing off the face of the earth?
    Hanging on a cliff, that is the edge of tomorrow.
    I wonder how It had come this far
    Where in my life things went wrong
    Walking a mile in everyones shoes
    No fit
    No new
    I stand and look around me and all I see are the same person
    Laughing at me,

    I inhale the breath of my salvation
    as it makes me dissipate
    into a cloud
    free, everlasting
    never knowing that I'm surrounded
    If my last breath was made
    At least I know that i was invisible
    Like the ghost in the room
    That hasn't died
    Held together by its family

    Well, I am disappearing now
    Into the void
    Away from this world
    away from this place
    into a land where no one knows my name
    to a land where I can find a name
    to a land where I am not
    but am

    Find me in the shelter
    Where no one seems to be
    I'm waiting
    The echoes get louder
    As i come crashing down
    The walls of Jericho
    Fall by waves of grace
    As I stand and watch and lose my face

    I need to find release from this empty reflection
    But there is no one in this house
    Except for myself
    I sit here
    Knowing there's no one to save me but myself


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