DMT for Depression Journal - Part 3

By Ghetto_Chem · Feb 9, 2015 · ·
  1. Update 2- Well I think it worked!! I've been feeling amazing since that one little hit, and have been able to work on myself and things around me that needed work badly. Last time I came through I was feeling a little down but that has passed, and it was completely understandable based on what I had to do.

    I've also just started a few new diet changes that I could tell made a huge difference in me almost instantly, it's actually been taking some getting used to. I went from sleeping 10-12 hours a day to barely getting 7 before feeling like I can't sleep another moment, I've also been alot more motivated and active. The only downside is that the cannabis and suboxone doesn't work as well, not sure why but think it might have something to do with omega 3's effect on the BBB, despite them not working the best I don't fiend for more.

    My new diet consists of alot of omega 3 heavy foods, and foods that help reduce inflammation. (Pretty much all whole foods, priority from first to last, veg, freerange meat, seeds/nuts, oils/herbs, freerange dairy, and fruit, all organic.) Before this I was getting nearly zero omega 3's in my diet, besides the very occasional fish oil capsule which would leave me feeling edgy and manic. The first two days were somewhat rough because I could feel those same feelings, but my body seems to have adapted and since its not a concentrated amount all at once my body can handle it better.

    With all these new changes it'd be nearly impossible to fall back into my old way of thinking prior to this, it's amazing how powerful this drug is and out of all the psychedelics I feel like it has done the most for me. Most people wouldn't be able to recognize the correlation but some do. Assume from here that my depression has left the building unless I come back on to say otherwise.



  1. Sleepynurse
    How is it going? Have you smoked anymore DMT since your last post?

    I had thought of trying that about a month ago as I was having lots of depression related to my recovery and marriage. Now my depression is (obviously) much worse. And I'm having an incredibly hard time finding motivation to do anything.

    How are the relationship and diet front?
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