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  1. Just wondering. Aren't all addiction linked to a lower dopamine levels in individual's. From food addiction to alcoholism, cannabis, amphetamines, cocaine and opiates. There seems to be a ladder as if when you dont get enough dopamine (and other signal substances) you just up the drug or use more of it. If this was the case then all addicts are born with an insufficiency in their signal substances?

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    39 year old male living in Stockholm, Sweden. Got addicted to oxycontin after a serious accident witch almost killed me. Drew the doctors attention to my addiction a year ago and since then It´s gotten totally out of control.


  1. Markant
    Gabor Maté has an interesting talk about this exact question:

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    1. Intoxicating Dreams
      This articulate, warm and all inclusive talk, in my opinion, is the best way to say "we are all in this together." And it's what therapy, treatment has to be at it's very core. Labeling people; eh not so much!
  2. midihooker
    yes I believe this also.
    I was free of drugs for six years and during this time all I did was going to the gym and watching documentary of different types of misery. When I started doing drugs again, mainly Phenibut witch Is a direct-injection for dopamine, I started doing music and Art again and met new people and friends.
    But It´s not sustainable.. I just was diagnosed as a bipolar and have ADHD.. And people with ADHD have lower dopamine from what I read..

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