Dry Daze and Zzzzzzzopliclone. - Part 3

By Squizz · Oct 20, 2014 ·
  1. Thank you for all the views this thread has been receiving! Things have been going really well for me of late, I've just dealing with a lot of issues from a financial standpoint.

    Firstly, my work has really been jacking me around of late, and it's starting to irritate me. They simply do not want to pay me the money I am due by law. So I've put something in writing, saying that if they do not start doing so, I am going to file a complaint with the Labor Board. And if they try and fire me for that, that's fine, because I will have an attorney my dad knows on hand who specializes in wrongful dismissal cases. It's pretty sad that it's come to this, but I'm sick of doing this company favors repeatedly, and not shown any respect for it.

    Secondly, I just got $70 from one of my girlfriends who owed it to me. Why? Because I lent it to her, so she didn't *steal* it from her mother (who has cancer) to buy fentanyl. So finally, after about 3-4 weeks I called her house line, and left a message on her answering machine saying she had one more week to pay me. I think that was *MORE* than reasonable. Well, her parents could hear this message (and I knew that) and that pissed her off to no end. *But* I knew this was going to be the only way she was going to pay me. Otherwise, she would just keep lying to me, hiding from me, etc., etc. She made no attempt to even contact me! So I went to her work twice, and talked to her there. Both times she said she would pay me sooner than later. Finally, last Friday, she says, "I get paid today, I'll leave the money in your mailbox tonight after work." Needless to say, that didn't happen. So I gave her a one day grace period. Maybe something happened, I figured. So I called and left the message. And she got pissed. She said, "Why couldn't you call my cell phone?" Well last time she was actually talking to me regularly..........her cell phone had no service. How was I suppose to know she had gotten it up and running? After all, she couldn't pay me the $70 she owed me. So she walks to my house, throws the money on the ground, and bitches all the while getting into her car, and storming away.

    I picked up the money, and waved to her on the way out. :D

    My point is here folks, is this: Sometimes in life, ya' just gotta' take a stand. Don't let people walk all over you, because they will given half a second's chance. This girl said she "didn't remember" to drop the money off on Friday night. YEAH RIGHT. I talked to her at 3pm, and she finished work at 6pm. In three hours, she couldn't remember? Yeah fuckin' right. She was trying to pull a fast one by me. (Just like my company tries all the time.) So what do you do with these people? You call their bluff. Put them in a situation where they are FORCED to pay up. Because that's the only way they will.

    It's just like so many stories I've heard about Richard Koklinski. He would go after people he KNEW had the money owed to his people, but they would deny it until he ultimately cut their hand or leg off, or even their balls! Then, they would pay up. What idiocy. If you owe someone money, PAY THEM.

    Anyways, I'll keep this comin' along the more I can. Been really busy at work. We'll see how this situation plays out. I have a feeling that threatening to go to the Labor Board might get their attention. And if they still try and fuck around? I'll talk to the attorney. They aren't screwing me out of hundreds of dollars without a fight. That's the whole problem: Most people won't fight back. But if they think that's the case with this guy, they've got another thing comin.

    Take care guys! -Matt


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