Dry Daze and Zzzzzzzopliclone. - Part 4

By Squizz · Nov 4, 2014 ·
  1. Hey guys,

    Time to check back in! It's been almost a month, and that's more than enough time. I've been through QUITE a bit since the last entry, but that's not what I'm to concentrate on for this entry. Today's entry will be based on finance in sobriety. So let's talk about it for a little, shall we?

    Firstly, I believe financial problems are the #1 reason why people decide to get off drugs or alcohol. Family, and Health reasons are #2, and #3. Often people will go to rehab, to save their job. Or they've already lost their job, and are going to try to get sober. Except, getting sober for financial reasons is really not a good motive to get sober at all. It has disaster written all over it. But at the same time: Staying sober or staying high or drunk, we all need money, so let's talk about some of my own personal experiences with finances, shall we? We'll break it into two categories: Matt's drinking/drugging finances vs. Matt's clean finances.

    We'll start with my Drinking/Drugging Finances:
    1)Money gets spent on drugs and alcohol.
    2)I save no money.
    3)I routinely come into work hungover or drunk, or miss days. Which effects my earning capacity.
    4)I am not sharp enough to budget money properly
    5)I owe drug dealers in the streets so much money in the streets, by the time I get my check, it's spoken for.
    6)I'm a nice guy, I buy my friends drinks and drugs.

    While sober my fiances are a little like this:
    1)My bills get paid on time.
    2)I have a stable place to stay.
    3)I pay back debts from my drug using days.
    4)I spend money only on things I need. With the one exception being my gym membership.
    5)I don't worry where my next meal is coming from.

    I'm tired now, but I will try to explain more in-depth tomorrow. Hope you all are doing well, and thanks for the continued support!

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    Another thing that's very obvious about staying clean, is that your earning capacity increases. I'm making almost double the amount of money I was making when I was drinking/using drugs. Just some food for thought. -Matt


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