Dry Daze and Zzzzzzzopliclone. - Part 5

By Squizz · Nov 5, 2014 ·
  1. Okay,

    I'm back as promised. I just got off work. I worked from 12:30AM-12:30PM. Which I do basically, five days a week. (And sometimes Saturdays.) Some of you may wonder why I choose to work 70 hours in a week sometimes. Well firstly, because I am able to do so. But secondly, because I'm in dire need of cash. I've just about finished paying off all my old credit card debts, and have one more to go, until I'm debt free! Which has been a MAJOR stumbling block from my getting/staying clean over the better part of 10 years. I racked up about a $10,000 drug debt in late 2006/2007, and haven't been able to get my head above water since.

    I shudder to think back to those days. Routinely spending $200-$300/day on drugs. I should also mention, that I had $4,000 saved up when I started the binge! What a terrible time in my life that was. I'm not going to go into all the details, but let me tell you: That sort of drug intake is simply not sustainable.

    Anyhow, not only am I trying to get out of debt, but I've also been homeless at various times in my life. Ever lived on skid row? I have. Not much fun getting your lunch from a soup kitchen. And this was as recent as March 2013. (When I was roughly four months CLEAN!) That last time, was purely because I got laid off from my job, and couldn't find work for about two months. Why? Because I have a criminal record, which DRASTICALLY reduces the number of jobs I can be considered for.

    So here's a lesson for all you drug dealers, users, etc. BE CAREFUL! If you get caught, and convicted, you're fucked for life! I'm STILL waiting on my pardon to go through the parole board 7+years AFTER I was convicted. Not to mention: two weeks in jail, two years on probation, anger management courses, five years without any charges, $2000 for the pardon application to go through, fingerprints, etc., etc.

    And you know what I was convicted of? "Domestic Assault with a Weapon". You know what I did? I threw a Tim Horton's coffee cup at my ex gf, and a security guard called the cops, and had me arrested the next day. Zero tolerance. My gf didn't even want to press charges, but the Police Dept. has to by law here.

    And since I couldn't afford proper legal representation, and my parents weren't about to fork out for it............I got convicted. And I'm still paying to this very day.

    Life certainly could be worse, I won't deny that. But it certainly COULD be a lot better had this not taken place. I've been denied at LEAST 30 different jobs as a result of this.

    So folks, if you're going to break the law, don't get caught. And if you DO happen to get caught, make sure you can afford good legal representation. The law is there to be bought, take my word for it. I thought that was only true in mafia movies, etc. but it DOES go on here in North America.

    A drug dealer friend of mine beat SEVEN YEARS of drug charges. He had to pay his attorney $30,000, but he got off. But even this guy couldn't beat domestic assault charges. Unreal.

    Just some more random thoughts. I hate to sound bitter, but if anyone anywhere can actually learn from this, it's been more than worth while.


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