Early recovery from opiates, benzos & ice. - Part 5

By la-di-da · Aug 12, 2014 · ·
  1. Fidget247

    I’m really sorry to hear you’re suffering from RLS and having full on anxiety, I can empathise, it looks like I’ve held a Sumo Wrestling competition in my bed most mornings and screaming in the street sounds alarmingly therapeutic.
    A very strong chamomile tea w/honey and some kava helps me thru early morning freak outs, also I meditate quite a bit and that really helps me too. If I wake up in a panic I let my attention drift to the rise and fall of my breath and I let my mind rest there, each time I start to think and overwhelm myself, I gently bring my attention back to my breathe. It also can be helpful to make the mental note, ‘In one, two, three / Out one, two, three’ , in time with the rise and fall of your breathe, to find a relaxing rhythm.

    Are you getting some exercise in during the day? That will help you settle at night, the more the better for me.

    I haven’t been gainfully employed since Feb 2013, lots of court cases and community service stopped me from getting back to my usual work as a PT, in no rush to get back to it, recovery first.

    I suffered from PAWS when I got clean last year and it took me about 4-5 months before I started feeling like I was at a acceptable state of existence, it will definitely pass, just try to be gentle with yourself in the meantime.

    Focus on all that you have achieved, and give yourself credit, it’s huge! I’m stoked to be connecting with other people like you, who are fighting the same battle, I think we can all get through this together.


    Thanks for your kind words! I am indeed orchestrating things to keep me safe, I would be up sh*t creek without a paddle otherwise. Appreciate your support, it’s little things that make the difference in a successful recovery. Thanks again :)


  1. Fidget247
    Thanks for the suggestions La-Di-Da,

    Trying to move on to more natural products, haven't really given them much of a chance, there was always something better.
    Ready to try all these products now, certainly be cheaper!

    Hope your settling into your new routine & not hitting the booze too hard. (Found I have a couple of times).Sometimes you just have to find out where you want to be & stick to it. Actually a very big decision.

    I was riding my bike around at one stage but there was an incident with some box thorn bushes (got a bit x-country), every peddle after that inc. going past the servo. to use their air-compressor.

    Been doing some walking... not enough but a little.
    Things get easier though, keep going!
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