Early recovery from opiates, benzos & ice. - Part 7

By la-di-da · Aug 18, 2014 · ·
  1. Bailed on the NA meeting, watched movies & got drunk instead. Had fun although this needs to change, I know that I'm just putting a bandaid over how I'm feeling and it's only going to get worse, what's the point of getting clean from opiates & benzos, only to mess my reality up with too much booze? I should be on my motorbike chewing up the km's late at night, with the wind on my face and freedom on my mind.


  1. TappingSoftly
    La-di-da, I've been where you are. Maybe this will help: Obviously you don't want to replace opiate addiction with alcohol addiction. But there is a big difference. It is extremely difficult to use opiates in moderation; that's why there are so few successful chippers out there. There are, however, lots of people who drink moderately. I don't plan to ever touch opiates again, but I'm glad I can have a couple of drinks now and then. If you over do it, you may have to give up alcohol completely too. I don't mean to lecture you, but remember ... moderation is the key. Good luck!
  2. charliecat
    How's it going la-di-la?
    Hope your still going strong and got the alcohol more under control
    Have you managed to hit the road yet on that motorbike of yours..I would love to be able to do that it must feel exhilarating speeding along just you, the bike and open road..
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