Easy way to go cold turkey from high levels of oxycodone - Part 1

By Random Soldier · Jan 3, 2015 · ·
  1. I've had numerous surgeries over the last ten years. Let's face it; many of us are here because we use our RXs up before the next refill date, because the drug convinces us that the cost to benefit ratio is heavily weighted to consuming the drug ahead of schedule. That's lie number one the voices in our head tell us. You have to ignore that voice!

    Other suggestions, based on my experience. Get a prescription for gabapentin. I'm prescribed the maximum dose allowable - 1600mg every eight hours. Get a script for lorazepam if you can, and a script for mirapex for RLS. And of course have an anti diarrheal on hand too, with a nasal spray decongestant. If you cannot get the lorazepam, get some over the counter kava-kava from The Vitamin Shoppe. DO YOUR RESEARCH AND CONSULT WITH YOUR PHYSICIAN BEFORE TAKING THE KAVA-KAVA!

    I cold turkeyed from 450mg of Tramadol a day, and I mitigated that with about 150-180 mg of Roxycodone/OxyContin a day. Then I immediately CTd the oxycodone before the Tramadol brain zaps had stopped. I started the gabapentin as prescribed above. If knocked out 90% of my physical symptoms, emotional remained unchanged, so I supplemented with SAM-e 800mg twice a day (it is prescribed in some European countries as an antidepressant). The mirapex helped with RLS as did the gabapentin. In the morning I took a fraction of a mirapex just to keep my dopamine levels elevated. I use lorazepam to stay calm, and for sleep.

    This is the closest protocol I have found that covers all the bases, I've ben using it, and I am having a normal life while going through this. It's taken withdrawal from a torturous event to one that's only slightly annoying at times.

    PLEASE CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE DOING ANY OF THIS!!! hope this helps somebody; it's certainly helped me!


  1. Jungledog
    Many of us use gabapentin for pain and it is useful for withdrawal but tolerance builds rapidly. I recently started Gralise which is extend release gabapentin and I find it stronger and more effective for pain. I personally find clonidine to be much more effective during detox than benzos without the risk of cross addiction. A high enough dose will knock me out cold. Kratom also eliminates much of the hurt as does loperamide.

    The real trick is ignoring the voice and either stopping the opiates all together or taking as prescribed. The group on this board has been quite successful at getting clean and supporting each other in this effort. Is that your plan?

    Wish you the best.
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