Even a Blind Hog Finds an Acorn Sometimes

By PastorFuzz · Apr 4, 2019 · ·
  1. Screenshot_2019-03-11-21-00-27.png Howzitgoin, everybody!
    I'm takin a quick break at work to offer my congratulations to everybody who's being uplifted in rank.

    And I wanna thank all y'all for your tolerance, patience, forgiveness, and friendship, and just letting me be a part of it all.

    I gotta get back to work now. I'm approximately 50 days off meth. I could be doin better in other areas tho.

    Y'all have a decent day!


  1. Hopeless78
    Congrats on 50 days friend. X
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  2. JaneGault
    50 days is awesome! Keep being you, I am very fond of your toad like qualities and eccentricities.

    Me being me, Jane
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  3. PastorFuzz
    Hoexitgoin, @hopeless 78, @jazzyj9 & @JaneGault!

    I'll try to keep being me if you keep being you ms jane

    But it won't be easy. I'm lil worried cuz rank=power. Power corrupts. This promotion is just gonna go to my head and I'll be insufferable. Pretty soon everything I say will start with the phrase "you need to..." People will avoid even me more
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  4. Paris Martin
    Hi guys, im new here, but I am happy and proud that youve been doing good. One thing at a time :)
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  5. titaniumhunter
    50 speed free days ....Yay for you
    ...Rank Rank we don't need no stinkin' rank
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  6. PastorFuzz
    Howzitgoin, @Paris Martin!
    Many thanx for droppin by with an encouraging word for this toad that walks on two legs.

    It's also fortunate cuz four of the nicest, coolest, most intelligent, supportive, and uplifting people I know are gathered right here; @titaniumhunter, @jazzyj9, @JaneGault, and @Hopeless78.

    These four represent the best of the best of DF and have stood by me thru hell and high water. It's kinda why we hang out here. We're here for one another, and we're here for you too. You're among friends here, lil friend. Welcome to the tribe:)
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  7. angelraysmehigher
    Congratulations @PastorFuzz, on your promotion to Titanium and 50 days clean from meth.

    I'm proud of you.

    From Down Under xxxx
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  8. haloperidol
    congrats on gathering those acorns. i predict that you will not become jaded, even at the titanium level, mr fuzz. it's just not like you.
    and way to go, 50 days!! That is quite the feat.
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  9. jazzyj9
    Thanks you @PastorFuzz for your contribution to the DF community. I think you are one of the best DF contributors and that you serve as an inspiration here in your recovery process. Thank you for sharing your stories and art and kindness here!!! Congratulations!!
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  10. Jack Davis
    Keep it up, you're doing great. How are things feeling 50 days clean? I imagine you'd be feeling worlds better but maybe there's a fading pink-cloud at this point.
    Congrats and much love :)
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