EZ Taper from "QUEEN" Norco - and much.more.about.you. - Part 5

By styledial · Sep 20, 2014 · ·
  1. Peridot13,
    I wish excercise was my thing but it isn't. I wish.......just can't get there. I'm pretty active but I just don't excercise.

    I have a few Oxy 5s left in the bottle and tonight I decided to take half of one - took the pill out of the jar and took down to my home theater and put it on a table next to my cinema chair. But I re-read this thread and decided not to take it. Instead I went to the local grocery and bought a 6 pak of Heineken. I haven't had a beer in years. I just finished the first one and it definately helped with the Norco craves. I'm going to have one more Heineken, take 1.5MG of Xanax and go to bed. I feel pretty good for an opiate addict going thru withdrawal.....Ok? I thinks so.


  1. ianzombie
    A fast paced 30 minute walk a day is more than enough for most people.
    No doubt you walk around?
    Just double your usual pace, try breaking a sweat if possible.

    Even if you just set out an easy route for yourself, it does not need to involve you getting out of a city to go hiking or anything. Go onto google maps or 'map my walk' and locate where you live and then plot out a route for a few miles and take half an hour or an hour to do it as often as possible.

    If you can do that much a day then you will notice a big change after a few weeks, especially if you combine a healthy diet too, cutting out any unnecessary crap.
    A Healthy body and a healthy mind can tackle all sorts of crap. :)
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