EZ Taper from "QUEEN" Norco - and much.more.about.you. - Part 6

By styledial · Sep 23, 2014 · ·
  1. Ben's trying ianzombie. Ben's exercise of choice is golf. Be'sn not happy now and has no desire to play. Ben only forgets his depression, lack of motivation, and desire for chemical pleasure when he's at work - but then again, Ben never took pain pills during the day or at work ever - not once in all those years. Ben doesn't feel withdrawal effects during the day when he's working. So, it appears, you can be a part time addict and still suffer severe withdrawals only during the hours of the day you had formerly used.

    Ben wants to update with some important information he discovered. Ben talks for a living. He uses his wits and vocabulary to communicate and gets paid BIG BUCK$ for it.

    Ben has noticed over the last few days his acuity and eloqution have improved markedly. Ben thought [they] were already excellent. [At work] Ben must overcome any negativity or doubts from anyone he encounters. He must be strong and confident every second of every day while at work. It's in Ben's nature to win this battle. He's an alpha male with a built in iron-will to conquer any and all comers. He wins all of those kinds of battles. He's a hard act to follow at work and a drug addict by night. Ben didn't realize the opiates were remaining in his system even when he wasn't using lowering his skill set. This revelation may be enough to turn the tide for Ben to win this battle.

    To be continued....

    styledial added 6 Minutes and 52 Seconds later...

    Ben forgot to update time. He's about 15 days in after a short taper. Ben did take one half of an Oxy 5 twice a night for two nights but it didn't do much for him and he doesn't really feel any different tonight. Steady as you go is the phrase to praise.


  1. ianzombie
    Golf is not an exercise, its a sport/hobby.
    You need to break a sweat. Unless you are sprinting from hole to hole i don't see how it is even as good as a fast paced continuous walk for 30 minutes.
  2. tryhard
    I need to know how your going ???? are you couping well mate ???
    Always here mate ,,,, I log in every day mate. .....

    Tryhard ,, ANDREW. ...
  3. curiousonlooker
    Dude, if you can't marry the bitch, then why live with her? The Queen will only give you her feelings of inadequacy, you'll think they're yours because you've put her on a pedestal and think she's great, and then you'll be stuck thinking just like her, in her emotionless, chemical world. ---- I love your analogy.

    Yeah, being emotionally unfaithful is untenable; at some point you leave your family or you leave the Queen, because we all need our personal narratives to reflect the actions we take in our lives, otherwise the reason we have to get out of bed in the morning, even our biological need to procreate falls apart, inherent meaning is necessary in a life.

    Also, the class anxiety that your addiction is not as real as others on the drug forum because you live a financially comfortable lifestyle is a part of your love affair with the Queen. Your reality is that you need help in your struggle with drugs, and one avenue to this could have been: you're an ungrateful, discontent man who wants to know what he has, Now, but the man Ben was before did not. You became successful not knowing how to value what you had or were receiving in exchange for the pearls of other people's lives you handed over---so yes, you have taken more than your fair due in society, and should feel the survivor's guilt you do now----but the people whose experiences you took did not value their lives, and THAT I've found is a much harder truth to accept than not valuing your own life, and possibly more difficult than accepting you have stolen other's lives or face for your camouflage or to climb the courtly ladder. I may be off base slightly, as it applies to you specifically in this last paragraph, but this principle applies to all children growing into adulthood from their parents influence; we all take our parent's faces as we're given the excess, the best and/or the worst, and all the faces and lives and lies they ever wore, stole, or held. The seeming betrayal of them, if we are better or worse than our parents is rough.
  4. tryhard
    Ben , mate ,, what's happening man ???
    Ya been quiet ,, I hope no need is good news ??
    Need to no how ya going mate? ??
    Plz keep posting mate. ....

    Talk soon. ...
    Andrew. ...
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