EZ Taper from "QUEEN" Norco - and much.more.about.you. - Part 7

By styledial · Feb 15, 2015 · ·
  1. Its been several months since I posted about Bens situation and withdrawal.

    If you haven't read Bens story - he only had to go into wd because of a silly mistake he made filling an extra scrip that made it appear he was doctor shopping when in fact he was not - he simply filled a small quantity Oxy scrip for knee surgery at the same time he was using a pain management doctor on a regimen of 3 Norco 10s daily. The pharmacist called the pain management doctor about the double scips and the pain management doctor told him to wait 3 weeks to refill his regular monthly scrip for 90 Norco 10s. This meant Ben had to negotiate 21 days with 30 Oxy 325/5s. So he decided to taper and quit for good. Well the plan sort of fell apart.

    Ben ultimately decided to fill his regular pain management scrip for 90 Norco 10s a month and take them as prescribed - exactly as prescribed - no cheating ever. Ben has been able to maintain this plan. He takes the Norcos only at night from 6 pm until 1 am and then abstains all day while working - exactly as he has for the last 3 years. It still gives him the pleasure he seeks and despite the tolerance his body has built up to the drug he still recieves enough pleasure from it to be happy and function at every level necessary during each segment of his day both with his family and at work.

    Another poster upthread made a very important point that Ben's affluent financial status changes the nature of his addiction - a very wise and accurate assessment. It means Ben is a drug addict because he wants to be. He made a conscious decision to continue his affair with Queen Norco when he had already beaten her and completed physical wd.

    Well, that's the status of Bens addiction to Norco 10. He takes 3 Norco 10s a day only at night and lives his life as if it's the normal course of events in a happy fulfilling life with a loving family and successful professional career.

    What does this forum think of Ben? He desperately wants to know.


  1. Jungledog
    Hello. I have not posted here but have read your entire thread. You asked for opinions so I will share my thoughts.

    First, you are an addict. It does not matter if you "only" take 30 mg per day or only in the evening. I also hold a high level, good paying job and am at the top of the food chain as far as degrees go. No matter. Addiction grabs you. You did not choose to be an addict. Like me you had legitimate pain and then got hooked for psychological issues. The key to recovery if you want it is to figure out WHY you use.

    Opiates used for years screw your endocrine system and your neurotransmitters. They very commonly cause depression due to this. The "brain bleach" you describe is a flatness, lack of joy and lack of motivation that is caused by low serotonin levels. After years of use, most addicts need antidepressants for a few months to get the brain working again. Have you considered that for all you have (family and great job with lots of money) that you are simply depressed? That the money isn't enough. That you are sad and listless so you reach for the queen??

    Exercise (real exercise not golf) is the most important part of healing along with healthy whole food diet. So when you are ready to face the underlying cause of your use, then you use these tools to help fix the brain.

    Wish you the best.
  2. Cmenot
    I think you are not engaged with your family. I think you are not experiencing true heartfelt emotions-neither joy nor pain/sadness. I think the enjoyment you get from 30mg norco will eventually lessen to nil. You will be taking it so that you don't feel like crap. You already are aware that it affects your performance at work, although you still function well, it is NOT to the best of YOUR ability. I think you are a BETTER Ben without opiates, period. Those are my thoughts and my opinion, I mean you no offense. Stop now. I think its difficult for you to judge HOW much you sacrifice for those few hours of pleasure.

    Depression is real after quitting months of opiates. You were not clean long enough for a fair assessment of life WITHOUT the queen.
    When the 30mg is not worth it anymore, will you quit? or just get a dosage increase? Its a fair question to ask of yourself...

    I wish I had a crystal ball to show you how the romance with mistress opiate will end.... I think your kids (if you have some) deserve the REAL Ben.
  3. cielochick
    Just read your thread. Methinks you're a bit self-absorbed. The most contented people in life live a life of service to others. Is there anyone outside your immediate circle that you help? It's a nice way to boost your endogenous endorphins. Read a book called "Moment of Clarity" by Christopher Lawford. What keeps everyone of those folks on track sobriety-wise is helping others. And they're happy & they know they live meaningful lives. And none of them would trade the true joy they get from helping others for an inferior drink, pill, or hit. Even cooler than a large home theater. I double-dog dare ya'. CC
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