EZ Taper from "QUEEN" Norco - and much.more.about.you. - Part 8

By styledial · Apr 17, 2015 · ·
  1. Here's an update on Ben's inner conflict with Queen Norco. Ben decided not to quit. He's addicted and freely admits it to himself but he's also honest with himself about his motivation for his intentional addiction to Queen Norco. Ben enjoys the euphoric pleasure he gets from Norco more than being sober as long as he has the power to control it. He decided to take his Pain Management Doctors prescription exactly as prescribed: 3 Norco 10s a day. Ben's been doing this for a few years now and he has proven he has the discipline to maintain as prescribed.

    Ben has never taken a pain pill during the day while at work - never - not even once. He has that kind of personal discipline. Ben has a GIANT career. He's in the public eye and is a BIG earner. He is smart enough to know that if he let Queen Norco into his professional life he would lose everything. Ben appears to be one of the few who are strong enough to keep that vow.

    The takeaway from Bens story is, obviously, something is missing from Bens life and opiate pleasure fills the void. Maybe Ben isn't completely happy or fullfilled with his family life or there is some emotional place he needs to get to to be happy that opiates provide. Whatever the reason is Ben gets what he needs to make up the difference from Queen Norco and function perfectly. For about 8 hours a day from 5 pm until he goes to bed about 2 am Ben is an opiate addict. The rest of the day Ben lives a completely normal, happy, productive sober life.

    Ben believes he's capable of having his cake and eating it too - and he's proved it to himself with the discipline to stick to this regimen for years. Kind of like a guy that can stop at two martinis.


  1. Jungledog
    You are still in denial. That's ok. It is part of addiction. Basic pharmacology will ruin your plan as tolerance builds. We will be here when you are ready to face your issues. Functional addicts are still addicts. There are many of us who earn BIG bucks love.
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