Feeding a grocery habit one day at a time and now recovery (Poppy Seed Tea) - Part 29

By Epyx · Aug 13, 2014 · ·
  1. Thanks LadySue! How goes it with you?

    Day 18 and still doing great here...honestly not even really tracking the days. I am trying hard to make this a healthier lifestyle and enjoy the days...sometimes I still sit bored and get a craving but then I think...what would REALLY be different right now if you were high...you had no finish on anything you sampled and drooled and nodded but nothing EVER got done...that helps...and its true even sitting bored surfing/reading/watching I am being more productive as I am retaining and remembering activities.

    Still exercising in the morning before work which has been great as energy is still not completely 100% and when I am up in the morning its about as good as it gets for the day lol.

    Hope everyone is hanging in there! Cheers everyone...we got this!


  1. Comeback Kid

    good for you bro!

    I'm on Day 3 again.... Got no cravings. Went for a hike yesterday to swim in our beautiful Vancouver mountain lake.

    Haven't done that in ages... so it felt good to get out of my head and just feel the nature...

    You still taking any sleeping pills?

    - Comeback Kid
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