Feeding a grocery habit one day at a time and now recovery (Poppy Seed Tea) - Part 30

By Epyx · Aug 19, 2014 ·
  1. Grats on getting back Comeback!!!

    Day 24 here! No was able to not take any sleeping meds for the last week and a half which has been awesome...true natural sleep.

    I still get my "Im bored friggin silly" moments and just force myself to do stuff...im sure I will get the drive back soon.

    Still have off days with my GI where i gotta run to the nearest bathroom...still not totally back to normal but hey if that's the worst of the physical im fine with that and can just focus on the cravings when they come up. I also quit drinking coffee so am probably the healthiest I have been in a LONG time but again that's not a bad thing.

    Keep at it...day 3 will quickly turn into day 30!


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