Feeding a grocery habit one day at a time and now recovery (Poppy Seed Tea) - Part 31

By Epyx · Aug 26, 2014 ·
  1. Day 31 AKA 1 Month!!!

    Life is AWESOME. My old self is back...focused on health and fitness like I did up to my mid 30s. I am eating healthy...haven't had alcohol or opiates for a full month and I feel fantastic.

    Looking forward to our tropical vacation which will be some nice R&R!

    Anyone who is thinking of doing it or has reached the point where it is GOING TO HAPPEN. You can do this..YOU CAN do this!!! Get that old self back...the young child who looked at the world with wonder instead of cynicism. Remember how you looked forward to special events? The new you is a special event.

    I am not all of a sudden all anti drug...some people CAN control drug use...I CAN'T...so for me it has to be abstinence. Every time I think I can chip like I used to I get into trouble so no more if I can help it!

    It will take me a full 4 to 5 months to get back to my goal weight and shape so I have a nice medium term goal to look forward to...short terms goals are my daily weights or cardio and family time and long term...living on this planet as long as possible!

    Cheers everyone..keep up the good fight...we got this.


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