Feeding a grocery habit one day at a time and now recovery (Poppy Seed Tea) - Part 32

By Epyx · Apr 13, 2015 ·
  1. Where to start?! What the last entry in the journal doesn't state is that I made it another two weeks...before I started up on Kratom and then back to PST (Poppy Seed Tea). That was last October...I quickly ramped up...I had always been good at keeping it to 1x per day...hell I chipped it weekends only for 4 years...this time I was quickly up to 2x per day and a WHOPPING 5 to 8lbs of seed per day.

    Everything was suffering...My weight which had been brought to a more reasonable 230lbs ballooned up to 260lbs. Without getting too specific the drought between my wife and I went months...never in our 20+years have I gone long.

    I tried to quit during the Winter break (2 weeks) but decided partying was more fun...of course the usual tolerance issues made it that after a while I was just feeling normal...thus the ramping up to obscene amounts.

    Finally this Easter I was able to nip it in the bud again...I had took my last dose on the evening of the 4th...and this time I used Loperamide but SPARINGLY to get through the first few hell days. THANKFULLY NO RLS at all so far thanks to those first few days of Lope and a quick taper. I took 20mg of Lope 2x per day on day 1...then half that day 2 then day 3 only 12mg total...then day 4 4mg just for stomach...that did the trick...on Day 9 and have not had any RLS. I also took some Kratom but ensured I ONLY had enough to get me through those first 4 days. Last 5 have been devoid of ANY chemicals...Oh I had also use Trazodone for those first few nights...100mg first night...100mg 2nd night and 50mg 3rd night...then nothing.

    I can honestly say the above helped and I felt really no pain or discomfort this withdrawal. I did feel the usual fatigue and weakness...felt like a kitten until just the other day.

    I even quit drinking my customary 2 beers per night on the 4th and yesterday started exercising again. I am determined to succeed this time. I realize full well now I can no longer chip the odd night..I need to take Ozzy's mantra to heart "Although that one's too much, you know tens not enough". I can't guarantee I will succeed but each attempt has been a learning experience...this time it's that I can't take Kratom or Tea again recreationally...I have a goal of getting my weight back under 200lbs by August 15th...that will require almost IRON will...cardio...healthy eating and weight lifting. I will arise again from the ashes...I owe it to myself and my wife.

    I also have a home reno project to dump time into so going to KEEP busy...Here we go guys...hope those of you in the same boat are staying strong...WE GOT THIS.


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