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By 23 scarecrows · Sep 11, 2018 · ·
  1. 15366389789481163041490.jpg Yes that time has come. Everyday that passes we are getting older, and drugs take their toll on the body. Most of the time a heavy toll.

    I used to think being sober off "hard drugs" meant to just train your mind/mood to not wanna use them.

    But I learned it goes deeper. Like proper diet, it's almost key along with hydration,good environment,positive people/family, ect.
    It's just crazy looking back at old pictures of myself. I thought to myself how the hell did I survive that?. I think we can all agree that meth leaves the most visible evidence of abuse.
    Meth has that way of when a user looks in the mirror and sees their selves, they still see the person they were before they started using. That is one of the most fascinating and scary things about that drug.
    You can be living in an alley and as long as your high you got it going on!
    Complete distortion, at least it happened to me. I can't speak for anyone else.

    Stay healthy/safe.

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    23 scarecrows
    33 year old male, chef,career drug user who wants to hang that drug use career up.
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  1. Melbug99
    I know exactly what you mean. About how we see ourselves. I was that way with booze. It wasn’t until seeing people that knew me before the booze really took over - then I could see how sick I was, I could see them seeing how much weight i has put on. I heard the whispers behind me. I even had some ask when I was due. They assumed I was pregnant. Those really hurt.
    But, it didn’t stop me from drinking.
    The mirror is tricky thing.
    Our addictions keep us from seeing the truth.
    Sending love your way.
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  2. DEJA
    Your post suggests that you are on the right track. You will find happiness. Goodluck. Respect and affection.
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