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  1. This night was the first i did not sleep at all. I have zopiclone 2x 7,5 and 20mg Diazepane every night. But not using the Diazipane all the time beacuse of the bad WD it can give me. But.. It´s like during this time the medicine have no effect on me! I´m not afraid the insomnia world .. been there for years. But it´s not making this shit any easier. Still I´m proud about myself, going from 10g to 3,9g in 3 weeks is a huge drop. Those three weeks I was doing the laying in anxiety from hell with my toes dipping into total panicattack unable to do anything thing.. felt my brain couldn't fit into my scull, sweating and freezing at the same time.. deep depression paranoia etc etc..
    Now i feel a bit better.. maby tomorrow I will shower for the first time in 3 weeks lol..
    Hope I can sleep a couple of hours this night..
    take care.

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    messed up guy.


  1. sadbutglad
    I feel you. There too.
    1. midihooker
      thank you!! try to get som lyrica or gaba.. i did 4days without phenibut and it worked really good!
  2. sadbutglad
    1. midihooker
      what dose of phenibut are you using, and for how long?
  3. sadbutglad
    Phenibut isn't my DOC. Roxicodone is. But this time around its been like a 3 month binge. Started (so I thought) carefully last year in December with norcos and 10 mg perks and just graduated to what I worked so hard to get clean from last year. I was clean for 5 months but couldn't take the depression. PAWS was kicking my ass for a long time. Truth is idk what the fukk I was really coming off of last time. Lost a ton of weight and it was really awful. I think the roxis I was getting like clockwork were cut with something horrendous. It wasn't the normal withdrawal type situation. And now I find myself right back to square one. How should I use the gabepentin for WD'S and for how long?
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