First post- How I got off opiates/ suboxone after 8 years- 6 months sober - Part 1

By recoveredaddict · Oct 30, 2014 · ·
  1. Hi I am new to the thread but I thought that I may could help someone struggling with the same problems I had. First off, I began using at age 19 (I am now 27) before that I had drank alcohol on occasion but never did drugs. My family is littered with drug addicts on both sides, needless to say after my first pink Lortab 10 I was hooked. I progressively moved from oxy to methadone over the years and even managed to graduate college despite my addiction. After graduating and being hired as a educator I decided to make a change and started suboxone treatment, I stayed on the treatment for two years before coming off. I beat my addiction, and yes to me I was addicted to suboxone as well, by tapering very very slowly over 6 months. I started at 16mg, down to 12, down to 8 until I was literally taking a sliver the size of my fingernail of a 2 mg strip. I had virtually no side effects or withdrawl other than the mental symptoms ( anxiety, and low energy for the most part). To anyone looking to break free from suboxone I advise you to not try cold turkey it is near impossible and I have tried it several times making it less than a week each time. Also, after my last suboxone strip I asked my local dr. For a script of clonidine, it does wonders! Please don't be like me thinking there was nothing out in the world outside of pills and feeling good. I lost 8 years of my life using this rational and am more happy today than I was that entire time. Of you want more info or need to talk let me know and I will be glad to help.


  1. ch1981
    I live in a small country town in the bible belt. There is nothing worse than being an addict here. There is no Dr to give anything. No one offers a hand. I been mentally done for awhile now. But my body can't go without my daily shots of morphine. I want to quit so badly but when the sickness starts my monster takes over and I have to feed him. This monster is destroying my life but I can't just stop cold turkey. I really need some advice on what I can do to try to beat this. Does it ever end really? Will I ever quit the craving and be normal again. I don't know,does your body ever get its energy back? I can't even function now without a shot,will I ever be able to go back to who I was? This monster has changed everything about me I'm not the same person I used to be. I just want to stop and be normal again. I want to leave the house I'm tired of being paranoid of everything. I used to be such a social person but now I am a hermit I leave to score and hustle then I am back to my little hole where its safe. Any advice you could give on ways to stop without prescription drugs would be awesome.
  2. Built for sin
    Hey guys, I am currently on methadone now and I want to begin a taper so badly but I'm stuck in a comfort zone right now....working isn't really doing it right now as I dont get full time, but I'm hanging in there....I wanted to see how you guys were doing and how yous were feeling in this struggle. I remember what it felt like to nothave any opiates in my body and I want to be there again...I just think the methadone is still helping with the cravings and I live in a horrible area so I wanted to save enough to get out and then maybe get off and live my life more happily and more productive....I wish yous all the best.
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