for the first time in two decades im clean - Part 5

By ozzmosis · Feb 14, 2015 ·
  1. Ok I'm on day 72 now for Valentine's day and coming off of methodone is so freaking hard not going to lie but my mindset is so strong nothing can deter me and I am still feeling symptoms like chills, depression, insomnia but it's not nearly as bad as it was the first month. The first month was so bad. The best part is I don't go to a clinic now or use oxycontin anymore. Its amazing when I think about it but now the depression is eating away at me when I'm alone and maybe once I get a place and a vehicle again I'll feel like I've accomplished something and now the best part is my money isn't going to my addiction anymore. I keep a journal about this detox and cry at times when I think about I'm really doing this. After 20 years I'm free of this addiction and now I can be a father that can put his son first, go to ball games, be the man he needs. Words can't even describe it. I go back to court this summer to show my progress. No more lies I'm owning up to my actions and I will earn everything thru hard work and eArn it day by day clean.


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