Free therapy - Part 8

By Blanca · Aug 19, 2014 ·
  1. I am over the hump. Thank god I tapered and cut my strips so my body had a chance to slowly detox. The first two days were a mild hell on earth. Sweats, sneezing, nerve endings on fire, insomnia, and full body shivers. They lighten up as each day passes. Fortunately the bone and body aches never came. TFG! I am now dealing with the unavoidable blahs that I fill with any kind of natural rush I can get. I just got a speeding ticket two days ago. Ha! Better than a felony charge:))) I have read that it takes a good month to come out on top and I am patiently waiting. This is doable and I am excited to get my natural crazy brain chemicals back!! My advice to you is to taper, taper, skip. It is the only way to make this less painful! Let me know when you decide to jump. It helps to vent after you come up for air!


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