Getting off high dosing of codeine/2yrs. - Part 2

By Peridot13 · Sep 17, 2014 ·
  1. Thanks; NemaChains....I see all kinds of people on here tapering off of codeine. Think; because AFOM would like to do a complete journal for herself; she has given me her notations and here they are; input by myself. I shall speak in the 1st person to make it easier and faster to get put down. Let's see I tried 3 times within the last month and a half and gave up the grease in the first two times. 3rd time will be the charm tho' and I must say that today was day 7 or 8 and I am feeling much better. Here is a rundown of her timing this month.

    August calender notation:
    Aug. 4th: "Feeling Shitty: Kick."
    Aug. 5th: "In bed all day with w/d."
    Aug. 6th: "Up late: watch tv".
    Aug. 7th: "Scooter news, Up late: dishes, laundry."
    Aug.: 8th "WOW! BBQ, Laundry, Garden."
    Aug. 9th: "The worst is OVER."
    Aug. 10th:"I lost a day, I feel coated and "*funny*".
    Aug 11th: "Downtown, Laundry, Store, HOT! BBq, shower, relax, Robin Williams dead."
    Aug. 12th: "Flowers and froggies, New swing chair, whipper snipper starts. and oh, by the way, I took another megadose of codeine today, after a whole week without.",
    Aug. 13th:"Flowers thinned out, Swing chair done, silver scooter?"
    Aug. 14th: "Rain Day, heavy." Aug. 15th:"Mental Illness? Too much codeine, slept a beautiful day away, for shame!"
    Aug. 16th:"damp, downtown, made ramen soup.",
    Aug. 17th:"Tim comes over with some krill (marijuana), KISS (band) dream."
    Aug. 18th :"Noon shower, pole walked, sunbathed, nice.",
    Aug. 19th:"Sweaty, pole walked for two hours on Lady Lahave."
    Aug. 20th:"heat wave, vacuumed, 10:45 Dr. Lennox talk about mental illness."
    Aug. 21st:"Watched the sunrise while sitting outside, KICKING AGAIN!!"
    Aug. 22nd:"6am bath, in bed all day feeling low.",
    Aug/ 23rd:"Cleaned mousecage, terrible night, DO NOT BACKSLIDE."
    Aug. 24th:"HOT! Downtown, took another big dose of codeine to reward myself for getting through the worst w/d I have ever experienced. slept."
    Aug. 25th:"using, Al over with krill, feeling alot better, hot again.",
    Aug. 26th:"Black berry picking, poor Karl.",
    Aug. 27th:"Big dose to get me through Crescent Beach/Fancy Lake outing with JIll and Shays, hurricane breezes.",
    Aug. 28th:"Heavy air, MUGGY, Cristobel."
    Aug. 29th:"COOL! Laundry, John downtown, garden look, worked on thinning beet plants."
    Aug. 30th:" Lawn mowed, Trees taken down."
    to be continued....

    Peridot13 added 16 Minutes and 9 Seconds later...

    just a continuation;
    Sept. 1st:" muggy, slept, dreamt.",
    Sept. 2nd:"muggy, 1st day of school for neice, pole walked.",
    Sept. 3rd:"super muggy, m/l ? sleep, too muggy to *u*k.",
    Sept. 4th:"Erica gone, John downtown, garden, pick beets.",
    Sept.5th:"hot and muggy, pole walked, took two stupid big doses today.",
    Sept.6th:"Rain and lightening, flowers, sleep, muggy.",
    Sept.7th:"muggy, slept all day, oh well, KICK! W/D.",
    Sept. 8th:"cooler air, slept, w/d, waste of days."
    Sept. 9th:"cooler air, no energy, so sick of these endless cycles, take 80mg codeine.",
    Sept. 10th:"bath, lost dayz. exercise is key, take 80mg codeine.",
    Sept. 11th:" LOST DAYZ, take 80mg codeine."
    Sept. 12th:"WHOAH! I'm waking up! and it *hurts*, take 2 x 80mg codeine liquid to stay sane."
    Sept. 13th:"Waking up but so much anxiety, had to quaff back 3 80mg doses to stay sane.",
    Sept. 14th:"Slept really well!, I was afraid to go to bed, bath, take 80mg codeine.,
    Sept. 15th:"Still waking up, walked outside and realized how sick I felt, came back in, total intake for today is 80mg. no more than that from here on in.
    Sept. 16th:" Woke up feeling much better. Think the worst may be over. Take 80mg dose of codeine but as soon as this last bottle is gone I am done. Maybe not take any more as the dose I just took just make me feel anxious I felt calmer w/o it. That will be enough for today.


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