Getting off high dosing of codeine/2yrs. - Part 3

By Peridot13 · Sep 18, 2014 ·
  1. Ok today I telephoned her out in the country she says she is feeling better...She is down to doing 2 doses of 40mg. Once in the early morning hours when her leg starts going, so she can get back to sleep. Then later on when she gets up. Today she said she had to get in the kitchen and cook a roast beef but she went all out and did Yorkshire Pudding and the whole's to have good food as she cannot ignore her stomach signals right now.
    As long as she is suffering and in w/d she knows that she is doing the work, and the dosages will soon descend to nothing... She knows that she is just trading one opiate, for another, quite better one, that fits her brain better. She almost feels guilty this evening for feeling quite so good. She's pretty much out of the woods, with no sign of thoughts of relapsing whatsoever.
    She says she is most thankful for using fish oil capsules, in fact, she saturated her brain with them the whole says right on the bottle "for brain function", and evening primrose oil. Together they really coat those raw synaptic nerve endings and eliminate about 50% of the mental symptoms. Anguish. She shall stand by that. And shall continue to do so...Vitamin C, Vitamin E, multi-vites, Menopause formula with black cohosh, some loperamide, hot pad therapy on the small of the back, ice pack therapy on the back of the neck, temples, etc. Easy-Now medicinal herbal tea, some Valerian, some anti-nausea tablets (2), and proper diet.
    Not much exercise going on yet, but that will come soon, I hope. Well, that's all she said at last update.
    P.S. She said, people who are taking anti-depressants, stay up to the minute on your dosage. Perhaps even rotate them counter clockwise a bit. Stay up on them, because they can make it unpleasant for you if you get behind on your dose times...something to remember. xo xo xo Peridot13.


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