Getting off high dosing of codeine/2yrs. - Part 4

By Peridot13 · Sep 20, 2014 ·
  1. Ok, so in talking to my country friend today she tells me that she would like the following posted: She is on about day 7-8 of her taper from using very high doses of codeine, up to 500mg in a day. Liquid form, obtained by cold water extraction from 222's.
    Having gone from her average daily dose of 400mg or more, down to 80mg per day (2 x 40mg), she can say that she is pretty happy with that for now. But it has been a hard slog. Having had a fairly bad day today with very little good sleep. She thinks that eating a full on roast beef dinner lastnight at midnight, with horseradish and stuff and all that rich fat, did not all.
    It kept me up all night, with the onslaught of what I like to call the pancreatic burn. Felt like my diaphram was all worn out from all that exercise of breathing heavily again and was just well, *tired*, and burning. That kept her awake real good. So what she did was dig out the blue ice pack from the freezer, wrap it in a soft pillow case, and hold it in against her chest whislt laying in bed. Let me tell you she said it felt really damn good but was afraid she'de fall asleep and maybe freeze her heart solid so she had to put it away before trying to fall asleep. But not before holding it in good at the base of her skull, yes that felt might mighty good too.
    Other than that her head feels better, but she is still very lethargic. She thinks that all that cooking in the kitchen yesterday might have been a little too much exercise at this point in time. She just manages to feed herself, keep clean, and take care of the animals at this point. HOt and cold flashes and bowl probs all gone now, leg kicks almost down to a nil. Still wants to sleep all day and is awake mostly at night. Until around 3 am and then starts to feel shitty again.
    She says that she is not really enjoying cigarettes at all or pot as they make her anxious. She is not drinking any caffeinated drinks presently. She must stick to simple mushy foods again for now. She is still taking lots of fish oil but feels really waxy and oily. Although she still says it has helped tremendously with the bleach brain symptoms.
    She is also taking multivitamins, lots of vitamin C, calcium, some milk thistle tincture, evening primrose oil, and vitamin E oil capsules. She is also still taking some ibuprofen. She is not taking the melatonin right now b/cause she finds it makes her feel a little edgy, ?? whilst lying there in the G*d-Damned eternal dark of her bedroom.
    She says that she has found this whole experience was kind of like a *hurricane* for her. First, the wind was blowing one way, with like the first three days of this being spent sleeping ALOT, but at least I was down! And then, really, there is no eye; she just started *waking up*, the wind started blowing from the other direction...and now she is enduring the tapering winds from this other side of the hurricane....she wonders, why it is like this for her, when the horse people go through badass symptoms in just 24 hours, like, where is their sleeping part of it? Perhaps Codeine just takes longer to escape the system, like methadone, she thinks...slow way in = slow way out.
    She also thinks that all people who are going through w/d should just go out into the thorns and pick blackberries in the bush...with all that scraping and scratching, they are sure to release lots of pain reducing endorphins....So, just throw all the junkies into the blackberry brambles ha ha ha...ok that's it for now. Peridot13.

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    Ugh...well my country friend tells me on the phone that she is still slogging along...and after doing a big drop like I've been doing in amount of codeine being drunk daily, I'm almost surprised that it's not been worse.
    She still feels pretty lousy, but the leg kicks are pretty much gone now. The nuclear burn in the chest and stomach area is bearable for now, because I have started rubbing a bit of that ICY-hot on the area and that cools the sensation down enough for her to relax. It also seems to slow the breathing rate...really seems to help.
    She's been breathing very heavily now for quite a few days because she is not using any benzo's, blood pressure meds, or anything other than holistic w/taper of codeine...which she admits, doesn't touch the w/d much. Seems the w/d is pretty good at chewing it's way through everything I take like melatonin, herbal tea, etc. and she kind of wishes that she did have some clonidine. But, she doesn't. At least she is taking lots of good holisitic care of herself. If she could get to the Dr. she would get her hands on some clonidine...nothing stronger needed. She wonders if there is anything like this that is sold in the pharmacy.
    Her best time ever seems to be in the morning around 7am. She feels really good now. But then, after a sleep, and upon rising at 4pm, she felt really lousy today and ended up taking another 80mg of codeine. But she doesn't think that it is even registering much right now in her system. After lying down again for an hour, she got up again at 7, and managed to stay up and is up now.
    She has been watching the Roosevelts all week on PBS. Finds it highly entertaining and nice to have something good enough to take her mind off of the situation. Then it's time for a snack and back to bed for her....where she will probably lie awake up and down up and down again until 5am, when she MIGHT be tired enough to sleep. Sleep only coming in snatches of 3-4 hours max. And she knows that she is a really lucky bunny to be able to sleep at ALL. But, the dreams, oh, man, the dreams. Yucky dreams...dreams of walking in whale mouths and stepping into squishy whale teeth all covered with fat and marrow. Yucky dreams..maybe too much fishy oil? hmmm?

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    Country Bunny just wanted to add a little something else to her journal after just reading the Forum that exists on here specifically dedicated to the opioid codeine. She says that her blood has just run cold after reading the equivalent values between codeine and morphine. Something like 150mg codeine is equal to about 30mg of morphine (oral values only). Ha ha I keep thinking of injectable values...*phew*, what a relief! She thought that she was almost killing herself with her abuse levels. She means, dumping a whole bottle 100 222's into a blender, cwe'ing them and drinking half of it. What was she THINKING???


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