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  1. So I made it threw a whole week of work...well almost after todays end...and im so proud that i made it the week not needing to use before work during a break at work and soon as im off...as im sure i would have if i was still using... Feels so good...i was saying how proud i was just making it threw the day without using..now the week... Its not my first week not using but the first week i guess im feeling proud about... Even tho its 2 weeks out of slip up..... Ive been reading alot of things here and there and what you guys say back....and i see alot about that..slip ups..relapses...and i dont want to keep doing that..the emotional and physical up and down of that...god sounds more like a mission then any type of enjoyment...but Im so happy right now..my boyfriend is home for a bit my job is going great...more days not using feels better and better...today is a great day...... Im scared about the bad days...i know they come...and my boyfriend will be gone working...the true test will come into play...knowing that ill lose all this ive got now..all we've built up together..this what makes me truly happy...i remind myself of this feeling now...to hope to use this in the future when that bad day comes.
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  1. aemetha
    Have you considered making a crisis action plan? It's pretty easy to do. Just write down a list of things you're going to do when you have a really bad day and want to use. Throw about ten different options on it in case some aren't immediately suitable at the time and also write down some of the reasons you want to do those things instead of getting high. Once you've figured out what to put on your action plan you laminate it and put it in your purse. When you feel that overwhelming urge to use drugs, you take it out, something physical, something reminding you there are other options, and then you simply follow the instructions you've given yourself.
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    1. Blue Palm
      Great idea.. I guess thats what im using this forum for...i see the things ive written that im so greatful for and know that the affect will be the lose of all that... But ur right i should write a more indepth list just for my eyes...
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