Help dealing with cravings - Part 1

By Jenna622 · Oct 6, 2014 · ·
  1. It's been awhile since I been on the forum. I was using.

    I'm happy to say that I'm mostly detoxed from heroin. My last real dose was Wed morning. However I did find a couple of cottons to squeeze and some cans with residue in them. It was hardly anything at all in them. The last time I did one was around 11 pm Sunday night.

    I'm having trouble dealing with my cravings. It's like I'm consumed with "want". It sucks. I don't want to go get it, but just use it. If that makes any sense.

    I have my first appt with a Vivtrol doctor this Wed..they don't administer the shot at the first appt.. It takes up to two weeks for the specialty pharmacy to deliver the shot to the doctors office. And that depends how fast your insurance or my Medicaid works together to get it covered.

    I know Vivitrol is not the answer. I know it's still going to be hard. But I do think it will help.

    Ive made so many plans to detox, figuring out this and that and being confident and excited it would work. Then I would fail, so so so so so many times. Ive gotten to a point where I can honestly say I don't know what's going to happen. I'm going to try my hardest to get through it.

    After my first Vivitrol appt on Wed I'm leaving the following Friday to go stay with a sober/non-addict friend out of state until my shot comes in and I can arrange it somehow that I arrive back home the day I get the shot.

    I need advice on how to deal with the cravings. What are some things I can do to get through them without using? I don't have anymore cottons or residues. So I'm good there. I still have detox meds though. I'm doing an ultram taper with clonidine, ibuprofen, Valium, trazadone to sleep. I might even take a 1/4 8mg sub tomorrow or tues when I stop the Valium. I don't want a benzo habit.

    Any advice would be appreciated! Thank you!!!!


  1. tryhard
    A mate , I wish I had all the answers , but clearly I don't ,, I have used clonidine only the last few attemps and I have found
    That to work exceptionaly well with my deal....

    Then I relaps later down the road for some fucked up idea. .
    mate if this is what you really want ,, willpower can b an amazingly uplifting and powerful setup ...
    If YOU deadset believe YOU can , I believe in the possibilities of our own self , I must admit I struggle to understand but I
    do believe we are capable of near anything , to understand our self and what we must do sometimes can be so fuckin huge
    so overwhelming , now to reflect on that I can see why I have so much drama. ...

    When I give up on my self as I do alot , the negative feelings and emotions can drive me to the worst places ,, I can hurt myself more then anyone can and sometimes I do punish myself endlessly. ....

    So I spose what I am trying to say is focus, believe and understand what you are doing ,, it sounds like you have a good non
    using mate there and a place to go for a bit ,,, use what you have ....

    Look at what you have already done ,, the things you have our in place and why you have done these things!!!!!
    keep this close to mind ,, I do understand how hard this all can be and I wish to god I had the chance to do it that way. ....

    I have nothing and no one to blame but myself ...
    So you stay in a positive frame of mind , cause what you are doing is SAING YOUR LIFE. ....

    as far as the cravings go do whatever you can, go for a walk , write , read , exercise ,, I like to read DF , this has shown me that even though I have nothing , I am still lucky and I am still here. ...
    The chance I have been given to help others with my story is priceless and nomater what state I am in DF has given the
    chance to try and heal myself by offering what little I have left to those who need to find hope and insperation in something. .......
    I think you are very brave in what you are doing and have a good plan and made a good decision to ask for advice on this site ,, I have not been as active as I need to b , but I am here every day. ..

    Try and chill mate , I know I know ,, but you are doing it and remember that this will not last forever , soon you will b free. .
    Good luck mate. .

    Andrew .
  2. Jungledog

    Hi! My DOC was oxycodone up to about 300mg plus some morphine thrown on top. I handle my cravings by distraction and by treating them like ocean waves. Ya know...some come on strong and hard and others kinda soft and gentle but they all drift to the same place. Of course what the first part of the wave is is memory of just how good it felt but then as I ride the way to the shore I play out in my mind the comedown, the guilt, the withdrawals, the consequences. I THINK about the negative consequences and not the positive ones. I find this helps me say "Fuck that " a bit easier.

    Distraction works to. I usually take the dog for a walk or clean my kitchen or get to folding laundry. I put on a good TV show. I also find music to be a big part of my recovery. I blast music that uplifts me and makes me want to fight.

    Relapse is part of recovery. We have all done it. Just get your head straight and WANT sobriety more than anything else in your life. Wish you the very best.

  3. ozzmosis
    i just posted a thread after about 20 years on oxy contin and methodone later. you have to change your surroundings and change how you think. you have to want this so bad that you can taste it. its the fight of your life but imagine you can live a clean life where your money can stay with you for what you need and you can stop chasing the drug everyday. no one will have that power over you anymore. i know its hard but im 45 days clean now and still got chills and diarrhea but im a 20 year addict. it didnt happen overnight is what they keep telling me. you need support and good people around you. everyone calls me a junkie but no more. im taking control back of my life. im sick of this addiction owning me. you can do it. dont give in if your ready to do this
  4. TheKLF
    I want to give my 5 cents.

    My pet stopped everyday use since 20th of August. So, 5 months up to now.

    My pet has had relapses and has been totally clean for a month. The relapses were like: once a week, once in two weeks, 2-3 or 5 days binges (the last one).

    What he found:

    The biggest problem are not the relapses but the following (also after the quitting) overwhelming boredom and depression, hopelessness, if you prefer... So, what one should do, is to find something that keeps him busy, and simultaneously interested - all the time and perhaps for at least first 6 months, maybe more, a year would be better. If you are left alone, bored, disgusted - all this make things hardly bearable. What you need most is a new society with diferrent values and a social life that gives you hope for better future. And keeping you constantly busy. Maybe someone who you are in love with or at least like, should take care of you - I mean to take the initial initiatives for making you do something diferrent than taking drugs/thinking about taking drugs (opiates of course).

    Still, the one's will could be the main factor and could be invincible no matter the circumstances. But the upper things would be very helpful - in my opinion.

    Congrats and keep fighting ;)
  5. Golddust Woman
    I know being in the same place where you have been using is hard. I like to refer to it has subconscious place memories of the addicted mind. Try to stay away from where you usually used and go places and see people that are not a part of your addiction. You are in the fight for your life. This is a battle, so use every weapon at your disposal. Think of it as a street fight with no rules other
    than you will come out the reigning champion.

    When you feel your resolve weaken and that little voice say, "Oh just one more time", picture your future say one year from now or five or ten. Picture in your mind how you want your future to look, because one more time equals one more step backwards from the future you envision for yourself. You can do this!!! We will be here for you.

    I am in that battle for my life too right now, and I am sick and tired of failing myself. I am thinking about making some drastic changes to my life if that is what it takes to get it done. Life is too short and I know I can beat this and so can you. GOOD VIBES>>>>>>>>>GDW
  6. cbabycee
    Try to remember that cravings only last for 15 mins. Maybe have a task you know takes 15 mins to do and do it when you get a craving??
  7. supermono
    I use the "Fuck off " method when I have a craving. I say it out loud several times. Seems to do the trick. Then I ask myself what will I achieve by using. Just misery and guilt.
    Good luck amigo
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