Heroin - and now i think its my time at last - Part 107

By tryhard · Aug 26, 2014 · ·
  1. wow , had a shot yesterday afternoon , sort of enjoyed it but did feel a bit bad , sad about it too....
    my ex is in hospital atm , suspected menenacockal ,, and i dont know where my kids or who is looking after them!!!
    getting any infomation is so hard......

    i was turnd off by yesterdays relaps , curyosity ,,spelling , realy . i spose it got the best of me , but i know i cant get any more
    so all good , eh! just did not have the same effect on me ,, not as powerfull ,, physicly and mentaly ,, did i enjoy it ,, yeah i did but
    just not the same now ,,a good thing .... don,t seem important anymore!!! yay....
    not planning on doing again ...!!!!

    i did learn something though , and that is i am struggelint big time ,, not drugs but with life in general ...
    made me see the way things are , how strange ,, the one thing i am trying the hardest to stop ,, has just showed me so much
    ,, thats a bit scarey ay..

    anyway my eye are blue againe , my skinny little arms have doubled in size and now i only sneeze twice , insted of fifteen time in a row .....
    i am eating well when i can , but being so fucked at the end of the day I fall asleep a lot wherever , in the car , make,in dinner or even the shower , wtf!!!

    i am as happy as can be i spose all thing conciderd ...


  1. SoozyQ
    Hey Andrew (tempted to put Andy, you know, the Aussie way, shorten every bloody thing;) )

    Just wanted to check out how you are doing now? I haven't been on DF for a bit.

    We all struggle at times. It might help to find a counsellor or psychologist to talk to. I have always avoide doing this. But a male relative who was struggling with depression found a female psych who really helped him sort his shit out (it was not the first one he tried, you have to find someone who you are comfortable with).

    Don't forget, you are early in recovery. We all struggle a bit with life, addict or not. You have done so well:D

    So, what you need is some coping mechanisms for when (not if) life get rough. Instead of turning to the dope. You can do this mate. Just maybe need a bit of help. And all your friends at DF are here for you. Just sometimes we take a while to reply;)

    lots of love to you xxxxxxxxx
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