Heroin - and now i think its my time at last - Part 124

By tryhard · Nov 6, 2014 · ·
  1. A , just had to post something , last week or 4 s been just a plur and a half. ...
    I feel so weak and have done for a bit ,, I'm just not into it ATM .....
    Have been isolating myself a bit , more at night .....

    Can't shake the last bout of deppretion , as I normaly can and it is making a lot of things quite hard. ...
    I think I need to plan an escape from here, , we have spoken alot more on this subject ,, Hartattack and myself ,,as we use together and have done for about 5 odd years ....
    That in itself is such a hard one to break ,, but even as I type this , it makes me excited to think about being out there not alone but on my own and I am liking the thort of it very much. ...

    Hoping I can change this asap. ...
    For the minet...



  1. marathonmel7
    Hey Andrew. I tried to send you a DM but your inbox is full. I just wanted to see how you're doing. I hope all is well with you. Are you still working? Still sober? Just want you to know I am here for you. Take good care of yourself. You have a lot of people here that support you.
  2. missparkles
    Listen to me Andrew, a change of location will make absolutely no difference whatsoever. You see you'll still br taking your problems with you. If you relocated to the moon the original problem that was the reason for you using in the first place will still be there with you. Your location is not the problem. You know whatever anyone says in this thread, whatever solution they provide, you always seem to come up with yet another reason why the new solution just won't work. You've managed to quit quite a few times but then gone on to relapse again completely ignoring the advice posters give you. The most important decision you need to make first is "Do I really want to quit?"


  3. lostlygirl
    Tryhard, G'Day mate! Shit I miss Australia. Your posts make me so homesick. I'm currently living in the States but my heart is always home.

    I read through your entire thread about two weeks ago, before I signed up. I read a bunch of journals on heroin withdrawals and addictions because I have heard fentanyl was similar, even though I have never tried heroin. I am currently going through fentanyl withdrawals, and I've gotta tell you, mate, its sheer hell, and withdrawals are beginning to kick in. I'm only 34 hours in, and am only using Loperamide to help. Its going to be a long, long night.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say hi, and say that you really have inspired me, and I'm just a lost girl living too far from home. I figured if you could get off heroin, then I could get of fentanyl. You along with a few others, have been some of my greatest inspirations. Thank you for being willing to share your darkest days with me, a complete stranger from home who lives in the other side of the world.

    Thanks for being you, mate. Your journal is like no other, and it brought tears to my eyes because it reminded me of home so much. I am originally from Adelaide, although I've lived in Alice, Sydney, and Hobart. My mum was a bit of a wanderer. I've been in the States since I was 20, but most of my family still lives at home. One day I will come home. Until then, thank you for bringing home to me. Congrats on coming so far!
  4. opiatebattler
    I just wanted to reiterate what I said on the phone mate...Just so you don't forget.

    In my darkest days, I couldn't help myself. If it wasn't for another human caring enough to help, I don't think I'd be here.

    My offer to come get you and deliver you to a place of healing has no expiry date. I don't want to apply pressure though. The decision is yours. All you ever need do is say 'I'm ready now' and i will do what I can to help.

    There is no shame in receiving help. We all need help at times.

    Keep contact with healthy minds. Know you are valuable and much needed in this world.

    Thank you for your friendship and ongoing support.

    Love and kisses xxxs
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