Heroin - and now i think its my time at last - Part 135

By tryhard · Jan 1, 2015 · ·
  1. I love the feeling of support and friendship on DF is quite ammazzing.....
    Chokes me up and I just want to break down , but I am surrounded buy my kids and some others,,, so have to keep it together....

    Have been OK , but still using every day ,, the feelings of depression and the rest of it gets almost enought to break me but
    I somehow manage to get through .........

    I think it is all coming to an end and I am OK with that , is for the best I spose.........
    Out of my control and I am happy bout that...YAY

    Has still been an emotional yo yo of a time and most challenging on the rest of the home fronts ........
    I can not tell U my next move as I don't know yet myself , , I have been just making it up as I go and maby that's the way to not do it ,,,, I have just been doing what ever I can , without getting in to trouble and breaking to many laws.....

    Still got 2 od months till I get my compensation money so I think I have extra slack because I know I have money coming and
    Although I know how important it will be for me to get clean to try and avoid using it on that shite.... !!!!!!!!!!!

    Hope all are well and having a great xmass and a very happy new year........
    I will try soon , again and again and again ,, I will never stop trying never!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Betta send this be for I lose it on me new phone , still learning how to use it.

    For now..



  1. marathonmel7
    Andy, good to hear from you! Glad you're ok. I was worried about you. I really hope you can get clean before your compensation money comes in. You don't want to shoot it all up your arm do you? It can be the start of something good if you let it. Use it for necessities, maybe even take a trip and sober up. Please, try and get yourself together though… you can do it.

    I think about you everyday. I wish for your happiness and success. Today is 31 days clean. I get to start 2015 sober and you can do it too! It isn't easy but you have ALL of us supporting you!

    New Year, new Andy! Com'mon mate, jump on board. You can do it!

    Love to you and yours! Hang in there.
  2. charliecat
    How's it going Andy mate...not heard from you for a while

    Last update you were stuck in same position as me...that is using daily and just getting by somehow until I can build the strength and courage to try yet another detox and leap into that scary unknown territory of life without the security blanket and safety net that heroin has provided for over 20years. I've never even got a taste of being clean but you have and if you read back your posts during that time you were really happy, working and loving it..read back and remind yourself that you can do it and what clean felt like for you..

    Have you jumped yet tryhard?
  3. Mr Bumble
    Hello mate, been reading your thread for a while but first time posting. I was wondering what the situation is like in AUS regarding treatment options, like whether their are any private Clinics or Doctors. AUS has a national health service like the UK right? I found as soon as I stepped outside the government funded programs a whole load of new options was opened to me. Allowed me to function on a morphine prescription and get cleaned up quickly with the least amount of pain.

    Sorry if this isn't an option, just throwing it out there and quite interested as to what options are open to you guys over there.

    Hope your good man
  4. SoozyQ
    Hey Andy, how ya doin' bloke?

    Always thinking of you.

    Don't have much time now but just wanted to send my love and support.

    Take care and remember you are a beautiful person :)
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