heroin... trying to quit... people in df i need you :( - Part 1

By HEROINSUCKS · Aug 28, 2014 · ·
  1. Hi drugs forum friends. I am 25 years old and have been an heroin addict for about 4 years now. I used to do anywhere from .6 to a g a day. I would always smoke it. The past month ive been trying to quit and used subs when i didnt or couldnt get h but when i was able to score i would get it asap as the cravings and the sickneaa overwhelmed me. No one knows i really do it and i cant tell anyone as they would all push me away. The past couple weeks i would only smoke from .4 to a .2 a day. But the withdrawals would still seem so intense as if ive been smoking a g a day.

    I want my life back. I want to be able to be happy again and not get sick and i miss my ex gf so bad. I feel as if i couldve gotten back with her but didnt want to be a dopehead when i did so i didnt try. I want my family to be proud of me. I want to be able to spend money on other things. Im broke now tho. Ive been trying to quit but its so hard. The physical symptoms for me are the worst part. The rls kills me. Im such a bitch when it comes to withdrawals.

    I hate my life and so unhappy cus of this shit. Im still trying to quit as ive been crying everyday like a little girl but such a man when im high. Im going to and want to quit one way or another. I need my life back. I just want support. Im sorry i knoe this is like any other forum and im nothing special. Ive been told just quit being a bitch and quit and many other things and it puts me even more down as i feel so worthless and weak and dont deserve anything or anyone. Im sorry i just had to vent.

    I currently would smoke like a bag or two one day then go cold turkey the next then start over that routine as i cant overcome this. Im broke and have no other meds handy. Im sorry to be wasting your guys time if youi read thi


  1. TheBigBadWolf
    Thank you for telling us about the situation you find yourself in.

    What are the things you need assistance / help for from DF members?

    It is clear that you are suffering from your circumstances. - with what can we support you or what are things you need to know?

    Please elaborate this, so you can get the best advice and support.

    Good wishes won't be enough I suppose..

  2. opiatebattler
    Hey there...

    Please dont ever think asking for help and support wastes our time. You are well worth time.

    Sorry to hear things are rough for you at the moment. This bitch CAN be overcome, but sometimes we need help from others.

    Im wondering if you have considered all your options for quitting smack?

    I find detox a great place to quit heroin. I have done a few suboxone detoxes inpatient. This is where you are medicated through heroin withdrawal with suboxone, then brought down over 11-14 days. It is a relatively comfortable way to come off smack. Not sure if there are free detoxes where you are, or if your insurance would cover that but i think its worth looking into.

    As for having no money for meds to do a home detox, i ask "what would you do if you had no money for smack yet were determined to get it?" You would find a way. Im not suggesting you do anything illegal. Im more suggesting asking a friend or relative to buy you a few things.

    Just merely detoxing is not enough to keep you sober though. You need an action plan for what youre going to do once clean. Things like NA, seeing a therapist or going to rehab even. There are underlying issues that led to drug use. When you are clean you will be surprised at how much comes up for you. Having the right kind of supports in place will help you to reach out for those supports instead of a hit.

    Here's a link to the 'How To' thread on opiate detox:

    Stay strong.
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